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Duskoh is the name you can trust for clothing manufacturing

We are one of the leading clothing manufacturers in the world with a global presence. Our expertise ranges from producing 3D prototypes to the large-scale quantity of customised garments catering to diverse customers. By utilising the pre-production units and providing MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) options, we offer a complete manufacturing solution to everyone, including SMEs, start-ups, aspiring designers, individual groups and even large sellers of clothing, and wholesalers.  

Create your distinguished fashion statement 

The need for purpose-made designs increases manifolds in clothing industry. These particular designs are used to make a fashion statement. For this, we have a plethora of customization options like using labels and buttons or just experimenting with different prints, patterns or embroidery. Further, diverse hardware, tapes, decorative tapes, badges and Pantone colour matches are used to create the designs demanded by customers. The bulk availability of uncoloured fabric allows us to dye it according to the preferences of our target market using a Pantone colour-matching scheme. Such flexibility in utilising the raw stuff and creating prototypes makes us the perfect manufacturing hub for emerging brands that want to specialise in highly detail-oriented clothing products.

Our flexible approach to experimenting with particular designs in the pre-production phase enables our customers to convert their vision into representative apparel.


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Ideal clothing manufacturing facility for the start-ups

The availability of MOQ maintenance positions our sports clothing manufacturing facility as ideal for a start-up that wants to see the impact of a particular design on their end customers or small and medium enterprises. However, it is the best feature for franchises, sports teams and companies that want their logos and taglines on an easy to carry apparel. Therefore, be it hoodies, caps, sweatshirts, tracksuits, trousers or any other specially designed clothing item, our manufacturing capacity has got it all covered.

What makes us favorable for your cloth manufacturing?

There are two distinguishing features that make us a go-to manufacturing brand. The first one is the prototyping process which is flexible enough to experiment with customers-directed specifications. The samples thus produced are made a part of the order and serve as a benchmark for bulk production. Secondly, we have carefully crafted, tractable and easy-to-understand processes for products that help turn this vision into reality.

We offer fully customised clothing production

Apart from customization for different products on different scales, we also focus on quality control. Our multi-process check and balance ensure seamless output, which is in line with the industry and consumer standards. Each item is scrutinised on the basis of standards set in order and finalised in the pre-production phase. Later, any errors are rectified to ensure that high-quality end products are shipped to the targeted locations.

Affordable prices for our prestigious clients

Finally, after taking care of the entire process from design to production and quality check, we offer the end product at market-competitive prices. We also use market segmentation to meet the needs of different kinds of customers. Therefore, small-scale sellers, start-ups and also students can expect discounts in the specific scenario. Generally, we are generous with our pre-production customer service making it easy for the customers to decide whether they can rely upon our sports clothing manufacturing facility for their unique designs or not.


You can find almost all types of sportswear at the Duskoh, like workwear pants, jackets, uniforms, and other products of similar nature.

Yes! You can get this offer, and our MOQ is 5 pieces. However, it may vary on the basis of design and fabric quality.

The minimum duration of production is 15 to 18 working days for sportswear and activewear.