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How American Football Uniform Manufacturers Make Custom Football Jerseys

It might seem like most football jerseys, and uniforms are manufactured in the USA. But, most of the sportswear and team wear is manufactured overseas by different companies. The main reason for this is that going for overseas manufacturers reduces costs. There are several countries where football jerseys are manufactured. Still, most American football uniform manufacturers are from Pakistan, and Pakistan is one of the leading sportswear and team wear manufacturers.

The quality of the uniforms matters a lot, so football uniform manufacturers need to make sure that every uniform and jersey is made using high-quality fabric and customization. Since wearing high-quality uniforms and jerseys boost the confidence of the players so football uniform manufacturers should keep this in their mind. If the quality of the uniforms is high, you would be confident that there won’t be any tears or restrictions of movements throughout the games.

There are many advantages to purchasing customized football uniforms from a reputable American football uniform manufacturer like Duskoh. For starters, you will be able to get high-quality uniforms that are made to last for years. This is particularly important for teams who play brutally physical sports. In addition, these custom-made uniforms are designed to withstand the wear and tear of regular gameplay in football or any other sport. Companies making football uniforms for a long time can make all types of uniforms for your teams. They will guide and educate you throughout the whole process. Even if you want the best South American football shirt or football shirts or shorts of any team, they will customize these jerseys and shorts as per your designs.

Several steps are involved in making football uniforms, and we will be discussing these processes in the following paragraphs.


  1. Choosing the right fabric:The first thing to do is choose the right fabric for the American football shirt and shorts. Mostly football uniforms are made using mesh and Lycra. These fabrics are added in different places as per the client’s design.

Mesh is breathable, and clients use front and back panels made of mesh. Lycra is a very flexible fabric, and it provides easy movement throughout the games, so in the places where freedom of movement is needed, Lycra is added to those parts in the football jerseys. Mesh is a breathable fabric with a great moisture-wicking ability that makes it an ideal choice for football uniforms jerseys.

The shorts for the American football uniforms are made of Lycra because it is very flexible and durable, allowing freedom of movement and enhancing a player’s performance on the ground.

Fabric durability is another important factor to consider when purchasing a football uniform. Different suppliers use different blends of fabrics. Choose a fabric that won’t be prone to rips or restrict movement.

  1. Designing: The next step is designing, where you design the football uniforms for the team. Usually, teams or companies provide their designs for the football uniform manufacturers. Football uniform manufacturers like Duskoh have an in-house designers team who will ask for your team’s logo and make various designs as per your color scheme and send you mockups. You can choose the best mockup designs for your football jerseys and shorts. Working with the best football uniforms manufacturers will help; they will make designs for you. You can save money that you be spending on the designs and make premium quality football uniforms for your team.

Designing is crucial since they show how the football uniforms will look once they are ready. It would be best if you asked the manufacturer to provide various designs to choose the best options for the football jerseys and shorts.

  1. Cutting: Once the designs are ready and the fabric is decided. The next step is to start the production. First of all, they will make patterns according to your designs. Football uniform manufacturers have in-house pattern masters who cut cardboard to make patterns. Then these patterns are placed on the mesh and lycra fabric, and the fabric is cut into different sizes. The cutting depends on the designs and the patterns made according to those designs.

Cutting is a crucial process since if cutting is not done right, the football jerseys and shorts will be wrong. Firstly, the fabric is cut into large rectangular or square panels, and then they go forsublimation, and then the final cutting is done using scissors.

  1. Customization: Once the initial cutting is completed, the next step is customization. The ideal choice of customization is sublimation. So the panels go for sublimation, and sublimation is done on the football jerseys and shorts.

Several clients also use embroidered badges, which are embroidered on the front left side of the chest. Heat transfer stickers are also used to write names and numbers on the backside.

Today’s football uniforms focus on color, sleekness, and breathability. Gone are the days of the short-sleeved shirts. Lycra is used in various places for enhanced movement. These panels are sublimated in various colors and designs to make football jerseys and shorts look attractive.

Once the sublimation is done, the panels go into the stitching unit, and then the final cutting is done, which will go for stitching.

Usually, suppliers of football uniforms make mens and womens football jerseys custom as per the client’s needs. It is wise to choose a supplier with years of experience to ensure that you will receive the best quality products.

  1. Stitching: After the final cutting is completed, the stitching process starts. Try to go for an experienced football jersey supplier because these manufacturers have highly trained staff who make high-quality football jerseys and shorts.

There are also pouches and pockets made during the stitching process. These pockets are for placing the pads that protect the players.

Different panels and pieces are put in the right place, and if they are stitched right, there won’t be any problems. Once the stitching completes, football jerseys and shirts go for quality checking. Ensure that you have an experienced football uniforms supplier who seriously takes quality. They have placed various checkpoints throughout their stitching process, ensuring that only high-quality products go for the packing.

  1. Packing: The final process is packing. Football uniforms manufacturers customize packing with your branding if you are a supplier that takes orders in the USA and places orders to companies like Duskoh in Pakistan. Once the packing is completed, they are packed in the cartons for delivery.


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