Custom Shorts Maker 


We are a custom shorts maker who has been making customized shorts for various purposes. We aim to make premium quality shorts for the activewear brands and sportswear to help enhance and boost players’ and people’s morale and productivity. We make custom gym shorts, wholesale gym shorts, sport shorts wholesale, wholesale dri fit shorts, men’s athletic shorts wholesale, women’s athletic shorts wholesale, and many other shorts for various brands and wholesalers.

We keep different types of fabrics in bulk quantities for the shorts. We use high-quality yarn and dyes during fabric manufacturing to ensure that we only provide high-quality shorts to our clients. We make custom athletic shorts for various players in high-quality polyester blends which are comfortable and durable. Our facility is good enough to make wholesale fitness shorts and joggers in bulk quantities quickly.

We provide different options as far as customization is concerned. We manufacture cotton gym shorts wholesale quantities for various brands, and clients can go for different designs to customize the cotton shorts. Cotton shorts are mostly used for hot conditions. We have made custom compression shorts for various sports like MMA and other games. As a gym shorts manufacturer and fitness shorts supplier, we have seen clients using Sublimation, heat transfer stickers, and Embroidery as the main ways of customizing the shorts. Some clients need custom fit shorts, and we make different designs, and the sizing and fitting are as per the client’s specifications.

We also make shorts in bulk quantities for various wholesalers who supply these shorts to various shops. Our company manufactures wholesale mens gym shorts and wholesale sports shorts for various gyms and sports clubs in large quantities. We have fabric available for bulk quantities of shorts, but if clients want some specific blend or the fabric is unavailable, we can source or manufacture fabric in a short time.

We strongly believe in high-quality products, and for this purpose, we have rigorous quality control methods to ensure high-quality products go for packing only. Being one of the best gym shorts supplier, we make sure every product goes through a series of checkpoints where we check the quality of shorts. We fix the problems, and then the shorts go again through the same checking procedure to ensure premium quality. This process is repeated for every product, whether it is t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies or joggers.


Following are some of the fabric options for the shorts,

  • Cotton Jersey
  • Single Jersey (Polyester/Cotton Blend, Cotton/Spandex Blends)
  • Polyester Blends (100% Polyester)
  • Twill
  • French Terry
  • Fleece
  • Dry Fit Fabric (100% Polyester)
  • Lycra
  • Spandex
  • Interlock (100% Polyester)
  • Tri-Blends
  • Mesh

We tell our clients to go for Polyester blends or Polyester/Lycra blends as athletic shorts manufacturers. They provide more durability and keep the sweat out for drying throughout outdoor activities. Being a sports shorts manufacturers, we have observed that mostly Mesh and other polyester blends are used to make sublimated shorts for sportswear. 

The fabrics that we use are made using high-quality yarns and dyes. We have high-quality standards, which is why we make sure that our fabric manufacturers are using only premium quality materials for manufacturing fabric.

We have different fabrics available for shorts in bulk quantities. Clients can send us their required specifications, and we can give them options in different colors for that specific fabric. It makes the whole process easier and quicker since we can go for sampling and production instead of sourcing fabric.

We also make mens gym shorts wholesale and dri fit shorts wholesale quantities for various brands. Some of the brands are constantly innovating, and they for customized fabric as per their specifications, and then we manufacture that specific fabric for them. When it comes to sourcing and manufacturing fabric, MOQs might apply. 


We keep various fabrics in different blends and GSM for the clients. Typically the GSM depends on the kind of fabric being used. Polyester, Lycra, and Spandex are primarily used in lighter GSM, while fleece and French terry are used in heavy GSM. We want you to customize athletic shorts, gym shorts, sports shorts, and casual shorts for your brand, and this is why we keep a wide range of fabrics with varying GSM to provide all kinds of opportunities to our clients.

We also source and manufacture fabric for our clients if we do not have their required fabric or they want some specific blend for their shorts. We have excellent terms with our fabric suppliers, and this is why we get our fabric quickly so that less time is spent on sourcing or manufacturing fabric.


Shorts are made in different colors, and different patterns are also made using fabrics of different colors. We have various fabrics available in various colors for wholesale compression shorts, athletic shorts, sports shorts, and gym shorts. We offer our clients a vast range of colors, and we can make samples for them; we can also send them different shades in the color so that they can easily choose their desired color tone.

We also source or manufacture fabrics per the client’s specifications for the shorts, tank tops, sports bras or any other products. We ensure that our fabric providers use high-quality dyes in the manufacturing process so that fabric does not bleed or fade after constant usage and washing.


Following are some of the customization options clients can use for their customized shorts,

  • Screen Printing
  • Heat Transfer Stickers
  • Embroidery
  • Embroidered Badges
  • Sublimation
  • Digital Printing
  • DTG
  • Silicon Printing
  • Customized neck and washing labels
  • Customized T-shirts designs

Customization is the key factor for setting brands apart from each other. We urge our clients to do more customizations to bring uniqueness to their brands. We make gym shorts custom as per the client’s requirements. We can make different designs and do Sublimation, screen printing, etc., for the shorts, and these options can be used to make custom gym shorts with the logo of their brand. We believe in helping small brands, so we make custom gym shorts; no minimum order quantity is set to limit clients as long as the fabric is available. All the customizations are done using the best quality materials and modern machinery and techniques to ensure premium quality.

We also make custom printed gym shorts, athletic shorts, and fitness shorts for various brands. Most clients use Sublimation for colorful designs. Screen printing and heat transfer stickers are comparatively cheaper options than Sublimation. We also make custom dri fit shorts using high-quality polyester blends to ensure durability and comfort. 

We make shorts in all sizes and for all sexes. We make custom men’s athletic shorts and custom women’s athletic shorts that men and women wear for jogging, running, and working out.

Even if clients want any other kind of customization, we will be more than pleased to help them with that. 

PRICE RANGE: ($4-$15) shipping excluded

There are many fabrics and customizations available to use in shorts, and the price depends on the choice of fabric and type of customization. Some fabrics are expensive, while others are comparatively cheaper. We at Duskoh, give very competitive prices to our clients so that they can have a high probability of making a profit. We don’t use leftover fabric and don’t make poor-quality products, and this is why we ask for the price for a quality product that is tested in various ways before it goes for packing.

We also make bulk quantities in shorts, and we offer very competitive and attractive prices to the clients who go for large quantities.

DELIVERY TIME: (20 days to 3 months)

We want to deliver products to our clients in a short time. Since shorts are not a highly complex product like jackets so they can be easily manufactured in a short time. If clients go for customizations like custom athletic shorts with pockets, it may take a bit longer, but since we have a huge facility that can make 100000 shorts within 2 to 3 months, we can easily cope with the orders.

We usually take 4 to 5 working days to make samples. When it comes to production time, it may take a month for a decent-sized order, and if you have small orders, we can make them in a minimal time. And this time is same whether you want shorts, shirts or tracksuits.

Like fabric availability, customizations also play are massive role in the delivery time since some of the customizations take time, like Sublimation. At the same time, others can be done in a short time, like screen printing. 

We also make bulk quantities in shorts, and if you want athletic shorts wholesale quantity, we can quickly provide you with shorts within a short time.


As a custom shorts maker, we do not ask for minimum order quantities because we do not want to limit our clients. We want to help our clients who have small businesses as much as we can. But if clients want to go for sourcing or the manufacturing fabric, then MOQs might apply.