Private Label Leggings Manufacturer

We are a private label leggings manufacturer for men and women who provide premium quality leggings to clients, customized as per their specifications. Compression pants and Leggings are trendy in the activewear and fitness wear industry. There are numerous polyester/spandex blends that are used to manufacture leggings.

We have a wide range of fabrics available; even if the client wants personalized fabric, it can be manufactured per their specifications. The yarn and dyes used in the fabric are premium quality to ensure the end product has the best quality.

If the client’s desired fabric is available, then we save time and provide delivery in a short time. We ensure that every legging has premium quality fabric, and high-end stitching is done to ensure flexibility and durability. As a sports yoga leggings manufacturer, we need to ensure that customers can do all kinds of movements without any difficulty and that leggings provide comfort. The stitching is of high end to ensure that leggings do not derange in shape after continuous washing.

All kinds of customization options are available as far as leggings are concerned. Customizations help clients make their products look more appealing and catchy. We provide customizations options for other products as well, whether you want hoodies or joggers, we can provide a lot of customization options.


There are multiple options for fabrics available for leggings. It depends on the purpose of leggings use. Being a stacked leggings wholesale manufacturer, we recommend Polyester/Spandex blends. You can also use these blends in making sports bras.

On the other hand, if the client wants wholesale spandex leggings or a fitness leggings supplier, then clients would go for polyester/spandex blends. For fitness and yoga, mainly spandex blends provide the comfort and flexibility needed to perform physical activity. These fabrics also have a sweat-wicking quality which helps people remain dry during the workout. These fabric blends are very durable which makes them an ideal option for working out.

Following are some of the fabric options for leggings,

  • Polyester/Spandex blends

As a private label leggings manufacturer, we ensure the fabric has high quality. Being a high waisted workout leggings manufacturer, we use the best fabrics to provide comfort around the waist and thigh areas. Our quality speaks for itself, and we aim to help our clients create one of the biggest brands in the world. To achieve this, we innovate on their behalf, and we make sure every piece of clothing has premium quality.


GSM varies depending upon the fabric used to make leggings. Polyester/spandex blends have GSM between 200-320 grams, while some fabrics like fleece and French terry’s GSM goes up to 400 grams.

We have a wide range of fabrics available in various GSM and colors. Even if the client wants to go for personalized fabric, we entertain the client’s wish and source fabric as per their specifications. GSM also depends on the region since clients tend to go for less GSM in the hot climate market.


A wide range of fabrics is available in various colors and GSM. We provide lots of options to our clients concerning colors to bring their ideas into creation. The quality of dyes used is second to none, and we ensure that the fabric’s color won’t fade away by constant washing. We make sure that no matter how strenuous the workout is, the sweat does not cause any damage to the fabric.

If clients need their specific colors, then we can source fabric as per clients’ demands and specifications to meet the client’s needs, and this is why we are proud of being a custom leggings supplier. We make sure that we don’t take much time sourcing the fabric since time is essential, and we aim to deliver the consignment on time.


Customization in any clothing makes it stand out and different from the competitors. We provide a wide range of customization options to clients. We must help bring clients’ ideas into reality. We provide these customization for all products, whether they are activewear or workwear products.

We use the cut and sew method to help clients play with the design and tailor design as per their needs. As a high waisted fitness leggings manufacturer, we make leggings as per the tech packs given to us by clients. We aim to help clients bring their ideas into reality by allowing them to customize fabric as per their demands.

Following are some customizations that can be done on hoodies for your brand,

  • Screen Printing
  • Heat Transfer Stickers
  • Embroidery
  • Embroidered Badges
  • Sublimation
  • Digital Printing
  • Silicon Printing
  • Customized neck and washing labels

Even if any other kind of customization is not mentioned here, we would be pleased to do those customizations. As a women leggings manufacturer, we make sure that leggings remain comfortable after any customizations are done on them.

PRICE RANGE: ($10-$25) shipping excluded

Pricing usually depends on the fabric and customizations. We have very competitive rates when it comes to clothing. We want to provide the best quality leggings without compromising on the price.

Customization like Sublimation on leggings is more expensive than the other customizations. We make samples first to show the quality we can make for our clients.

DELIVERY TIME: (20 days to 3 months)

Delivery time for leggings depends on the quantity and customization of the leggings. If clients want specific fabric, we go for sourcing which might take some additional time. Still, our relationships with various fabric manufacturers help us source fabric within a short period.

Time is of the essence in this today’s world, and we strive to deliver orders to our clients in the shortest time possible. We value time highly, so we have a wide range of fabrics available for our clients to save them time. We go straight away into production if the client chooses fabric from our collections. Clients likely find fabrics of their choice from our collection. Even if they don’t, we go for sourcing the fabric for clients to make sure the fabric is as per their specifications, and this might take an additional time of 15 to 20 days.


We strive every single day to help clients grow their brands and companies. We at Duskoh have a no MOQ policy for our clients. It is to help smaller and upcoming brands who want to compete in today’s competitive world. We allow our clients to do customizations even in small orders. Clients go for various customizations, and we don’t ask them for MOQs; some clients want wholesale leggings with pockets. Different designs are made using the cut and sew technique, but we happily provide our clients with everything they need.

MOQs might apply if clients want their own customized fabric or if their desired fabric is not available in our collection. But we assure you that we go for the bare minimum MOQs since we have excellent relationships with fabric suppliers, and they grant us some favors.