Sports Bra Manufacturer 

 Duskoh is a sports bra manufacturer based in Pakistan that has been making sports bras for brands and wholesalers for a long time. When it comes to a sports bra, it’s about providing comfort and durability so that women can easily wear them throughout the workout with ease.

We have various fabrics available in different colours and GSM for clients to choose their favourite fabric, and we can go straight for sampling or production. Mostly polyester blends are used in sports bras because they have the amazing sweat-wicking capability, which keeps people dry and brings the sweat to the outer surface to dry. We also make wholesale sports bra for various wholesalers and provide the opportunity to our clients to customize sports bra as per their specifications. Some shops and wholesalers need blank sports bra wholesale, so we also make blank sports bras in bulk quantities for those clients. Single jersey and Lycra blends are also used in sports bras but these are not popular in sports bras but are used a lot in fashion t-shirts.

If clients want their specific blend of fabric unavailable, we can easily source or manufacture fabric for their sports bra as per their specifications. We have relationships with the best fabric manufacturers and ensure that fabric is made from high-quality yarn and dyes so that fabric does not shrink, lose or fade after some time.

We make customized sports bra, and all kinds of customizations are entertained. We make sublimated sports bra using high-quality dyes so that the colours do not bleed or fade after constant washing and daily wear and tear. We also make custom sports bra and shorts sets which can be used in yoga or during working out. Screen printing, heat transfer stickers, and Embroidery are also done on the sports bra to make different designs per the client’s specifications.

We believe in superior quality, which is why we have taken strict quality control measures to ensure high quality. Every piece of clothing goes through a series of checkpoints where the quality of the sports bra is analyzed from different angles, and it is made sure that every piece that goes for packing is of premium quality. As a custom sports bra manufacturer, we need to ensure that all the customizations are done to the highest standard, and our quality control methods are in place to verify this. 


Following are some of the fabric options for the tank tops,

  •  Cotton Jersey
  •  Single Jersey (Polyester/Cotton Blend, Cotton/Spandex Blends)
  •  Dri Fit Fabric (100% Polyester)
  •  Polyester/Spandex Blends
  •  Lycra
  •  Spandex
  •  Interlock (100% Polyester)
  •  Tri-Blends
  •  Organic Cotton 

Most sports bras are made from polyester and spandex blends. Cotton jersey is also used but in very rare cases, it is preferred in activewear t-shirts and fashion t-shirts. The polyester has a great moisture-wicking ability which helps the fabric dry quickly and keeps the customer through strenuous exercises or work out. On the other hand, Lycra and Spandex are very flexible fabrics and can stretch easily and provide comfort. Polyester also is a very durable fabric and has a long life, and does not even shrink as cotton does after constant washing.

We have a wide range of blends available, and clients can easily choose their desired fabric. We can make samples and send you catalogues with various coloured fabrics, and you can easily choose your desired colour. We use high-quality yarn and dyes in the fabric to ensure that it does not bleed, shrink or lose after washing. We make sports bra and leggings set wholesale for the clients who want sports and matching leggings, and you can choose the same or different fabric for either of them.

If clients want their specific blend, we can easily source or manufacture fabric as per their specifications. MOQs might be required if clients go for sourcing or manufacturing of fabric. 


GSM tells about the thickness of the fabric, and we have fabrics available in various GSM for the clients. Clients can choose their desired GSM, and we can send them fabric samples for their approval. Being one of the best sports bra suppliers, we keep the fabric in our stock so that clients do not have to waste time and we can go straight for the production.

We also make customized fabric with custom GSM as per the client’s requirement. When it comes to sourcing or manufacturing fabric, MOQs might apply, but we ask for a very small minimum order quantity.


We keep fabrics in various colours in our stock to provide our clients with plenty of options. We keep a good amount of fabric so that if the client has a bulk inquiry as a sports bra wholesale suppliers, we can easily manage that order without going for souring or manufacturing.

If clients want their specific fabric with their specific colour scheme, we can source or manufacture fabric. We have contacts with the best suppliers who make high-quality fabric in a short time and ask for very low MOQs so that clients do not have to order huge quantities for a single colour. We can source all kinds of fabrics for products like activewear shorts and leggings and other products that are mentioned in our website.


Following are some of the customization options clients can use for their personalized sports bra,

  •  Screen Printing
  •  Heat Transfer Stickers
  •  Embroidery
  •  Embroidered Badges
  •  Sublimation
  •  Digital Printing
  •  DTG
  •  Silicon Printing
  •  Customized neck and washing labels
  •  Customized T-shirts designs

If you want to customize your own sports bra, we are here to assist you and help you bring your creativity into reality by customizing your sports bra as per your specifications. We make custom printed sports bra, in which Sublimation is used to make colourful designs for the sports bra. The inks and dyes used are premium quality and do not fade over time due to washing. We make custom logo sports bra, and your logo can be put on a sports bra using Sublimation, heat transfer stickers and Embroidery. 

We also make custom sports bra wholesale, in bulk quantities, and our facility can entertain all kinds of customizations for large orders. We have divided our workforce into small and big teams so that if one team is making sports bras, the other team can make sports pants. We believe in high quality, and no matter how big the order is, the quality is uniform. 

We are a seamless sports bra manufacturers and have made seamless sports bras for various brands and wholesalers. All the customizations we do are of premium quality because we want your brand to go into one of the biggest brands.  

PRICE RANGE: ($5-$20) shipping excluded

We offer competitive prices for a sports bra. The price depends on the order quantity and customizations. We offer competitive price sports bra wholesale quantity because price automatically decreases with the increase in the quantity. Some customizations are more expensive than others, so the price varies depending on the customizations. Sublimation is cheaper than embroidery and heat transfer stickers, while DTG is even more expensive than the Sublimation.

DELIVERY TIME: (20 days to 3 months)

We at Duskoh, understand the importance of time and try to provide our clients with quick deliveries. The delivery time depends on the fabric availability, customizations and order quantity. Our facility is good enough to handle orders up to 100000 pieces. For the exact delivery time, kindly send us an inquiry regarding the consignment, and we will get back to you with a short delivery time.


As a Sports Bra Manufacturer, we want to help clients, especially young and upcoming brands who cannot order huge quantities. Since if you order a small number of pieces, the price will be high so we tell our clients to order a decent-sized quantity where the price can meet their expectations.