Custom Vests Manufacturer

Duskoh is a Custom Vests Manufacturer, who manufactures all kinds of vests, from puffed vests for winters to safety vests for workwear. We strongly believe in quality and provide clients with high-quality vests for their brand. We manufacture vests for brands as per their specifications with customized neck and washing labels. Small labels can also be stitched in various seams with the client’s logo to give a premium look.

We have a wide range of fabrics available for vests in numerous colors and GSM. We also make customized fabric for our clients as per their specifications for custom vests. We make sure that every product manufactured under our roof is of top-notch quality, which speaks for itself. Clients choose fabric as per the market segment they are targeting; for instance, fashion and activewear brands use materials like fleece, polar fleece, and puffer jackets with polyester fabric outer line, while workwear primarily uses Mesh for the safety jackets.

We provide a lot of customizations options to our customers for vests. Customizations help brands stand out from each other. We have high-quality standards, and for that purpose, we have appointed checkpoints, and every product goes through those checkpoints before getting packed. This strict quality control system aims to ensure a uniform and high quality. We consider ourselves one of the best wholesale vests suppliers in Pakistan because we have high standards when it comes to quality. We make sure that all of the products like hoodies, tracksuits, jackets, etc. go through the same process of quality control to ensure high quality.


There are various options of fabrics for vests. The client chooses the fabric depending on the market and the type of vests they need. Fleece and Polar Fleece are used for casual fashion garments. Many polyester blends are used in vests with insulation between the layers for winter garments. Mesh is also used to make safety vests with reflectors on them. Even if clients are looking for ladies pure cotton vests manufacturer, we have various cotton blends like fleece and jersey, which can be used to manufacture vests. As a softshell vests manufacturer, we also have softshell available in numerous colors, which clients can use to make vests.

We have various fabric choices available in multiple colors and GSM for vests. We also make workwear vests and safety vest, if you need them, you can check them in workwear section. Either client can choose their desired fabric from our collection, or we can manufacture or source their desired fabric per their specifications. MOQs might apply to the fabrics that are manufactured.

We are keen to provide a superior quality vest, and all of the fabrics we have are of high quality. We make sure that the yarn and dyes used to manufacture fabric are high quality and can withstand wear and tear. High-quality eco-friendly dyes are to make fabrics to ensure the fabric does not bleed, fade, shrink or loose over time with constant washing.

Following are some of the fabric options for vests,

  • Softshell
  • Fleece (100% Cotton or Polyester/Cotton Blend)
  • Polar Fleece
  • Twill
  • Mesh
  • Cordura
  • Waterproof Polyester Blends


We have a wide range of GSM available in fleece, polar fleece, softshell, Mesh, etc. If clients want urgent delivery, they can choose fabrics from our collection. Even if we don’t have their desired fabric, we can manufacture or source fabric for them, which will take an additional 15 to 20 days.

GSM also depends on the kind of fabric clients are going for. Some fabrics like Mesh have lighter GSM, while fabrics like softshell and fleece have higher GSM. Customized vests fabric will be manufactured if clients want to create some unique blends for their personalized vests.


We have numerous colors available in fleece, polar fleece, softshell, Mesh, and many more fabrics. Clients can choose their desired fabric, and we make samples for clients so that they can see the colors of the fabrics. We also send various fabric samples to our clients so that they can easily choose their desired color without wasting much time.

As a wholesale vests manufacturer, we also provide facilities of customized fabric to our clients. They can send us color samples, and we can source or manufacture fabric as per their color scheme, which leaves no room for error. When it comes to manufacturing or sourcing specific colored fabrics, MOQs might apply, but we at Duskoh make sure that we ask for minimum MOQs so that even small brands can go for personalized vests.


Clients do various customizations in fabrics to make their clothing line look more appealing and captivating. We provide lots of options to our clients as far as customization is concerned.

We are in-house units where all kinds of customizations are done. Clients can make vests in different designs, and we make patterns according to their tech packs. We want to exceed our client’s expectations, so every detail given by clients is acknowledged during the manufacturing of vests. No matter which product you are making, either it’s sweatshirts, hoodies or tracksuits, every brand wants customization to make their product unique and better than the others.

As a wholesale denim vests supplier, we provide various colors and fabrics with customized colors that can also be manufactured as per clients’ demands. We are also a fleece vest wholesale supplier, and there are numerous colors available in fleece with various GSM for the clients.

Following are some customizations that we can do in vests for clients,

  • Screen Printing
  • Heat Transfer Stickers
  • Embroidery
  • Embroidered Badges
  • Sublimation
  • Digital Printing
  • Silicon Printing
  • Customized neck and washing labels

Even if any other customization is required, which is not mentioned here, we would love to entertain any customization in vests.

PRICE RANGE: ($3-$30) shipping excluded

The price of the vest depends on the fabric, customization, and order quantity of vests. We provide very competitive pricing for vests without compromising the quality of the materials for vests. The price variation is because vests made in Mesh for workwear are almost 3 dollars while vests made in Twill or Cordura with multiple pockets go up to 30 dollars.

The kind of fabric used is one factor that determines the price of vests. If clients want custom printed vests supplier, we can customize the fabric as per their demand, and the price will vary accordingly. Some fabrics like softshell are expensive, while others like Mesh are cheap.

The customization also plays a role as if the client goes for Sublimation, the price of vests will be higher compared to vests in which customization like screen printing or heat transfer stickers are used.

The order quantity also plays a role; if clients go for larger quantities, then the price will be lower compared to orders that have quantity under 1000.

DELIVERY TIME: (20 days to 3 months)

The delivery time for vests depends on order quantity, fabric availability, and customization. The delivery time for vests whose fabric is available is shorter because sourcing or manufacturing fabric takes an additional 15 to 20 days.

Our facility can cater order up to 10000’s of pieces and the time will vary accordingly. It takes less time for a small order quantity of vests, while it takes longer if the quantity is more significant.

The type of customization also affects the delivery time of the vests. Sublimation takes longer than screen printing, and screen printing can be done on a much larger scale than Sublimation. Some clients want wholesale mens warm winter vests made of Cordura with customization. It takes more time if there are multiple pockets, but don’t worry; we will still be able to beat our competitors by providing fast deliveries.

We acknowledge the importance of time and try to deliver consignments to our clients in a much shorter time. We are very quick when it comes to completing orders. We have multiple stitching units to cater to the need of our clients.


We have no MOQs policy for the available fabrics. If a client wants their personalized material, then MOQs will apply, but we have strong connections with fabric manufacturers and ask for minimum MOQs. As a Custom Vests Manufacturer, we provide all kinds of customizations in the vests without asking for MOQs.

We believe that it’s essential for an ecosystem that we should have no MOQs policy to help upcoming brands. But MOQs will apply if clients go for their own personalized fabric.