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Custom Boxing Uniforms

We manufacture custom boxing uniforms for various teams, clubs, wholesalers, and brands. We make custom boxing shorts and custom boxing robes using high-quality 100% polyester fabric, which is durable and comfortable. We have very high-quality standards in our company, and our whole process is tamed to ensure only premium quality products are made for clients.

We have a wide range of fabrics available in various colors in GSM for customized boxing shorts and robes so that clients can choose their desired fabric, and we do not need to spend time sourcing fabric. All fabrics are high quality and are made using premium quality yarn and dyes. The fabric goes through various processes during dyeing, making the fabric more soft, durable, and resistant to fading, bleeding, shrinking, and losing.

We offer a wide range of customizations to our clients to customize boxing shorts to help them bring their creative ideas into reality. Once the client has decided on their design and fabric, we manufacture custom made boxing shorts as per their specifications. All the customizations are done using high-quality dyes, inks, and threads to ensure that quality is not compromised. We offer these customizations for all the sportswear uniforms whether they are football uniforms, volleyball uniforms, soccer uniforms, etc.

We have a dedicated team of designers whose job is to assist clients with designs for mens and womens boxing shorts. Clients can provide us with their designs which will help us save time, and we go directly for sampling or production. If you need our assistance with the design of the boxer uniform, we would need your logos and design ideas. After this, our designers will make mock-ups of different designs, and once you choose your desired design, we can go straight for production. This process for all the uniform whether you want baseball uniforms, basketball uniforms or soccer uniforms, we will make designs as per your logos and color scheme and you will start production after your approval.

We only want premium quality boxing shorts and robes delivered to our clients. We have created 5 checkpoints in the manufacturing process, where the quality of boxing shorts and robes is analyzed. Problems are fixed before boxing shorts and robes go for packing. We want our quality to speak for itself, and this is why we have made a system that makes only premium quality products make it to the cartons.

We also provide wholesale men’s and women’s boxing shorts and robes for wholesalers, shops, and brands. The price of the bulk orders is determined after going through the inquiry since quantity and customizations play a huge role in the pricing. We also make kids boxing shorts in various sizes according to age.

If you want to partner with our company so that we can fulfill customized orders for your clients, kindly let us know. We will be more than happy to oblige you. We will discuss terms and conditions after we go through your proposal.


Fabrics used in boxing shorts and robes are,

  1. 100% Polyester Satin
  2. 100% Polyester Sateen
  3. Polyester/Spandex blends

Traditionally, boxing uniforms are made with satin. It is made of polyester and is very soft, durable, and has tremendous sweat-wicking ability. The satin fabric has a very evident and very shiny appearance. We use high-quality satin fabric to make customizable boxing shorts, and the dyes and yarn used in it are of high quality to ensure that boxing shorts and robes do not shrink, loose, bleed and fade after multiple washing.

If you are a bulk buyer of boxing shorts and gowns and want your own customized fabric, we can source or manufacture your desired fabric as per your specifications. If you go for fabric sourcing or manufacturing, MOQs might apply, and it may take an additional 15 to 20 days to source or manufacture the fabric.


Following are the customization options,

  • Sublimation
  • Customized waist and washing labels
  • Customized designs of boxing shorts and gowns
  • Tackle Twill
  • Heat Transfer Stickers
  • Embroidered Club Logos

Multi-colored satin panels are used to make customized shorts for boxing most of the time. We have in-house facilities for customization, which helps us fulfill orders very quickly. We make boys and girls boxer shorts using all of the customization mentioned above. Sublimation is also used to create multi-colored attractive, and creative designs. We also make fashion shorts and activewear shorts, if you are interested in them, you can check out these shorts in their respective section.

If you are a wholesaler or a brand and need bulk boxer shorts for your brand, we can fully customize shorts as per your specifications at a very competitive price. Our facility is good enough to handle all kinds of customization in boxing shorts and robes for your bulk orders.

PRICE RANGE: ($50-$70 per short and $55-$65 for robe) shipping included 

We offer clients very affordable and attractive pricing for boxing shorts and robes. The price depends on the quantity and customization done in the shorts and gowns. The robes require more fabric; hence, their price is slightly higher than the shorts.

If you are a bulk buyer of boxing shorts and robes, kindly send us an inquiry, and we will quote the price after going through your inquiry. No matter what product it is, whether it is softball uniforms, lacrosse uniforms or wrestling uniforms, if clients want unifroms in bulk quantities, we offer them very attractive rates.

DELIVERY TIME: (15 days to 20 days)

We normally take 20 days to deliver boxing shorts custom as per your specifications for decent-sized orders. We understand the importance of time and try to be as quick as possible with the deliveries. We take the same amount for the samples of other products whether they are fashion clothing or workwear, we make samples within 3 to 4 days. The lead time for bulk quantities will be given after reviewing your inquiry, so if you need boxer shorts in bulk quantities, send us your inquiry at ou email address.

If you are a wholesaler, we will tell you the delivery after reviewing the quantity and customizations of boxing shorts and robes. If you want to go for some specialized fabric that needs to be sourced or manufactured, it might take 15 to 20 days.


We at Duskoh don’t ask for MOQs for boxing gown or shorts. We want to help individuals create their designs for even a single piece of shorts or gown; hence we have no MOQs policy. We provide fully custom boxing uniforms even if the client wants only one short; since the price goes higher for small orders, we urge clients to place a decent-sized order.