Custom Lacrosse Uniforms

We provide superior quality custom lacrosse uniforms for both men and women tailored to the client’s specifications. We aim to provide lacrosse team uniforms made from high-quality mesh and interlock, stitched using durable thread to ensure that every uniform has premium quality.

We have a team of in-house designers who can make different mock-ups using your color scheme and team logo. If you have your designs, kindly send us the tech packs so that we can save time and go straight into production. We make custom team lacrosse uniforms for both men and women. After making the mock-ups, our team will send you the mock-ups, and once you approve the mock-ups, we can go for sampling or production.

We are a custom lacrosse uniform builder and provide clients with a wide range of customization options. We make custom sublimated lacrosse uniforms using your designs to make lacrosse uniforms that have high quality and does not bleed or fade after constant washing. We use sublimation to customize other products as well like, softball uniforms, baseball uniforms, basketball uniforms, etc.

We believe in premium quality products. To ensure that every uniform has high quality, we have 5 checkpoints for quality control. Every uniform goes through these checkpoints before packing. The quality of fabric, sublimation, and other customizations is top-notch, and we make sure that lacrosse uniforms don’t shrink, lose, bleed or fade after constant washing.

We make men’s lacrosse uniforms and women’s lacrosse uniforms in bulk for wholesalers and shops. We provide cheap lacrosse uniforms for wholesalers because the price comes significantly down when bulk orders are made. Kindly send an inquiry, and we will quote you fair prices for the lacrosse uniforms.

If you want to partner with us so that we can manufacture lacrosse uniforms and fulfill your orders, kindly let us know, and we will be more than happy to become your partner. Even if you want other products like sweatshirts, pants, hoodies, tracksuits, etc. you could send an inquiry.


The fabrics mostly used to make the team, or college lacrosse uniforms are,

  1. 100% Polyester Mesh
  2. 100% Polyester Interlock

Both of these fabrics can be easily sublimated. Sublimation inks absorb the yarn of the fabric and provide high-quality colors which do not fade or bleed after washing. We have a wide variety of mesh and interlock available in various colors and GSM for the clients. We have greige mesh and interlock available in various GSM in large quantities so that whenever you place an order, we don’t have to source our fabric which helps us save time, and we directly go into the production. The quality of mesh and interlock used in men’s and women’s lacrosse uniform is very high, and the fabric does not shrink or lose upon constant washing.


Following are the customization options for lacrosse uniforms,

  • Sublimation
  • Customized neck and washing labels
  • Customized designs for jerseys and shorts
  • Heat Transfer Stickers
  • Embroidered Club Logos

Sublimation is the most popular customization used in custom mens lacrosse uniforms and custom womens lacrosse uniforms. The quality of dyes used in sublimation is very high, and the color does not fade or bleed after multiple washes. The embroidery we do is of high quality, and every single piece goes through clipping so that not even a single thread is coming out, which gives a bad look to the uniforms. Embroidery is also used to make labels of the badges and those badges are used on the products like soccer jerseys, volleyball jerseys, etc. The customized neck labels and washing labels are used if you are a company providing lacrosse uniforms to teams. Heat transfer stickers can be used for the names and give the uniforms a superior look. If you want wholesale lacrosse uniforms, we can do all kinds of customizations in your lacrosse jerseys and shorts in the bulk orders.

PRICE RANGE: ($40-$50 per set) shipping included 

We are one of the best lacrosse uniform manufacturers, and this is why we give very competitive prices for lacrosse uniforms. The price variation depends on the quantity and customization done in the lacrosse uniforms.

We can provide very competitive prices if you are a wholesaler and want lacrosse uniforms in bulk. Kindly send us an inquiry, and we will quote you a price after going through the quantity and customizations mentioned in the inquiry. We provide the best lacrosse uniforms, so we don’t compromise on quality and provide high-quality lacrosse uniforms at attractive and competitive prices.

DELIVERY TIME: (15 days to 20 days)

We are familiar with the importance of time at Duskoh, so we provide quick deliveries to our clients. Normally we deliver the orders within 20 days after the order is placed and payment is received. We help our clients create lacrosse uniforms for their teams, and once they decide on the designs, uniforms go into production and take almost 3 to 4 days to get ready; the rest is saved for shipping.

If you want lacrosse uniforms in bulk, we will tell you about the time after going through the inquiry because it depends on the quantity of the lacrosse uniforms.


We have 0 minimum order quantity for the custom lacrosse uniforms because we want to help our clients in every way possible and don’t want anything to limit them. Since placing one or two uniforms will affect price, we recommend our clients to place a good-sized order. We also don’t ask for MOQs for other uniforms like football uniforms, soccer uniforms, basketball uniforms, etc.