Soccer Uniform Manufacturers

We are a specialized team of soccer uniform manufacturers who make soccer uniforms and socks for various teams and clubs worldwide. As soccer kit manufacturers, we make sure every uniform has a superior quality to boost a player’s confidence while performing on the field. Soccer is one of the most played and watched games in Europe and the UK.

Eyelet Mesh is the most popular fabric used in soccer jerseys and shorts. The sublimation technique is used to manufacture custom soccer team uniforms for various teams and clubs. Tricot Mesh is used in making jerseys for practice sessions in which each team wears a different colored loose jersey on their uniforms to stand out from the other team.

We are wholesale soccer jersey manufacturers and manufacture soccer jerseys in bulk quantities for various wholesalers and shops. If you want cheap soccer jersey kits, kindly send us an inquiry, and we will get back to you with very attractive prices for bulk soccer jerseys. As a wholesale soccer jersey supplier, we give discounted rates to bulk buyers.

Quality is very important to us. We have 5 checkpoints throughout the stitching process, where every soccer uniform goes through these checkpoints to ensure that only premium quality uniforms go for the packing. The mesh we use is of high quality, and the dyes used in sublimation are high quality and eco-friendly, which do not bleed or fade upon multiple washes.

We provide many customization options to our clients to make their soccer uniforms unique and attractive. We provide custom soccer jerseys no minimum order quantity is required by us for the client’s convenience. Clients mostly use sublimation and embroidered badges, which look unique and show premium quality. Sublimation is also widely used to customize football uniforms, basketball uniforms, volleyball uniforms, etc.


The most popular fabric used to make sublimated Soccer uniforms is Eyelet Mesh. We have a wide variety of mesh available in various colors and GSM. Sublimation is used to make different designs in the kits by the teams and clubs. We have state-of-the-art sublimation machines to provide clients with sublimated soccer uniform of the best quality.

Tricot Mesh is used in making loose-fit soccer practice jerseys in various colors that soccer players use during the practice sessions. We have various colors available in tricot mesh to choose from. Even if the client wants practice jerseys in bulk quantities, we can source or manufacture their customized color in tricot mesh. Tricot Mesh is also used to make basketball uniforms, lacrosse uniforms, softball uniforms, etc. Mesh is used widely because of it’s capabilities which include lightweight and a great sweat-wicking capability.


Following are the customization options,

  • Sublimation
  • Customized neck and washing labels
  • Customized designs for both jerseys and shorts
  • Heat Transfer Stickers
  • Embroidered Club Logos

As a custom soccer uniform builder, we provide clients with all kinds of options to customize the soccer uniforms for their teams. We have state-of-the-art sublimation machines, and we use high-quality eco-friendly dyes which do not fade or bleed during the multiple washes. The colors are long-lasting and don’t get dull even after years of washing. Embroidered logos are made of high quality, embroidered on the jerseys and shorts to give them a premium look. Heat transfer stickers are used for the clubs and players’ names since they provide very high quality and look premium on the soccer jerseys and shorts. We aim to provide custom soccer uniform kits to our customers with every detail customized as per their liking.

 PRICE RANGE: ($35-$45 per set) shipping included 

The price of the uniforms depends on the quantity and customization of the uniforms. We provide cheap soccer kits for teams compared to other brands without compromising quality. We also make cheap custom boxing uniforms, baseball uniforms, football uniforms, etc. for various teams and clubs. We also provide attractive and cheap rates to wholesalers who buy jerseys in bulk quantities. We provide discount soccer uniforms for teams playing matches for fundraising; if you want soccer uniforms for such a purpose, kindly mention it so that we can provide more attractive prices.

If you are a bulk buyer or want us to partner with your brand to provide customized soccer team uniforms directly to your clients, kindly let us know, and we can provide very attractive prices.

DELIVERY TIME: (15 days to 20 days)

We provide quick deliveries to our clients using a fast courier service like DHL and FedEx. All the orders are fulfilled directly from our factory. We have made a very quick system; every time an order is placed, it goes straight into production the same day. We get the uniforms ready within 2 to 3 days, and the rest of the time is saved for shipping time. We normally take less than 20 days to fulfill orders, but for clients in need, we have also provided deliveries in 8 to 10 days. We provide custom soccer uniforms cheap and fast to compete with our competitors.


As one of the best soccer uniform manufacturers, we have a no MOQs policy in the company. We at Duskoh, want to help the client in any way possible, but the price goes significantly higher if the client orders a single uniform, so we urge clients to place a decent-sized order to save cost.