Best Workwear Shorts


We make the best workwear shorts for various brands, companies and wholesalers. Our aim has been the same from the first day: to provide premium quality shorts to our customers. We make men’s cargo work shorts and women’s work shorts in different designs and styles for clients as per their specifications. We provide all kinds of options to make custom work shorts at the best rates for our clients. To make the custom made workwear, suppliers need to give full liberty to clients to customize their apparel.

We have a lot of fabrics that are used in shorts. Since we make mens cargo work shorts and womens cargo work shorts, we keep a huge variety in the fabrics for our clients. There are a lot of fabrics that are used in shorts, but Twill remains the favourite. Twill is a very heavy duty fabric, and normally 240 to 280 GSM fabric is used. Some brands use 100% cotton twill, and others go for poly/cotton blend. In the women’s work shorts, tri-blends are also used, which have Lycra or Spandex. Using Lycra is to make the fabric more flexible, which won’t limit the movement throughout the work. It does not limit the movement while bending and moving.

We keep these fabrics in various colours and GSM so that clients can easily choose their desired fabric for their shorts. Even if they want some special blend of their colour scheme and GSM, we can go for sourcing or manufacturing, which might take 15 to 25 days. We aim to provide custom construction workwear to the brands so that they can easily sell their clothing as per their designs.

Everyone can make shorts, but it’s the customization of the shorts by every brand which makes it special. Brand’s design different kinds of shorts for their audience depending on the different purposes. For instance, there are certain professions where multi-pocket shorts are needed to place tools while working. We provide all the options available on the planet that you can use to customize your shorts. We make the best work shorts for carpenters, construction workers, oil rig workers etc.

We believe that no matter how marketing you do of a product but it’s quality that will make the user buy it from you again. We have high-quality standards for everything that goes into making a short, whether it’s fabric, customization, printing or anything else. We are a luxury working shorts manufacturers, who try to make the best shorts for our clients. We have multiple checkpoints, and every short is checked in these checkpoints for quality to ensure that only the best shorts go for the packing. We also make fashion shorts for men and women in various designs and if you are interested in them you can go and check them out.


Following are some of the fabric options for the workwear shorts,

  • Twill
  • Tri-Blends
  • Polyester/Cotton Blends
  • Cordura
  • Canvas

The fabrics used to make working shorts are very specialized. These fabrics are heavy-duty and rugged, which ensures that they hold the ground throughout the wear and tear they have to go through daily. We also make Fire Retardant clothing, and we can use FR fabric in the shorts. It is mostly Twill, which is processed, and a layer is added to it that won’t catch fire.

All the fabrics we use are high-quality and won’t expand or shrink after multiple washing. We use high-quality yarns dyed and various processes on the fabric to increase its softness, breathability, and durability. We make the best carpenter work shorts and construction work shorts using high-quality blends so that the shorts won’t restrict their movement, are skin-friendly and breathable so that they can keep working for hours without having to worry about anything.

We keep these fabrics in various compositions because clients prefer lightweight fabrics in some regions, while clients prefer heavyweight ones in others. The reason is that in humid and hot areas like the Gulf region, clients prefer lightweight fabrics which are more breathable. While in the cold climate regions, like Canada, clients prefer heavyweight fabrics, which can keep people warm in harshly cold climates. As a workwear supplier, it’s our job to provide clients with all kinds of options for their shorts.


We keep a wide range of colours in our stock of these fabrics. We almost have all of the standard colours available in these fabrics because we want to provide quick service to our clients, and we don’t want to go for sourcing or manufacturing fabric once they order shorts. We use high-quality dyes to make fabric for womens and mens work cargo shorts. These dyes won’t bleed or fade after multiple washes. We want to provide high-quality work shorts to our clients, so pay attention to every detail when it comes to shorts. We also make activewear shorts which you can check in the activewear section. 


We keep various GSM in different fabrics for our clients. Some clients want to go for lighter GSM, and most of these clients are from the Gulf region because it’s very hot and humid, and clients want lightweight fabrics that are breathable and can keep working people cool while they are working.

Some clients go for higher GSM because they want either rugged fabric or fabric for colder regions. We use high GSM fabrics for work cargo shorts for such clients. We can make custom fabric as per the client’s required GSM if they want their specialized blend, but it may take 15 to 25 days for sourcing or manufacturing.


Following are some of the customization options clients can use for work shorts and cargo shorts,

  • Screen Printing
  • Heat Transfer Stickers
  • Embroidery
  • Embroidered Badges
  • Sublimation
  • Digital Printing
  • DTG
  • Silicon Printing
  • Customized neck and washing labels
  • Customized T-shirts designs

We make fully customized shorts for our clients as per their designs, fabric specifications and style. We have all kinds of options available to customize the shorts; it’s the clients who need to pick their favourite choice. Customization starts with the design of the shorts, so clients send us the tech packs, and we cut the patterns according to their measurement and design. As mentioned, we make men’s and women’s work shorts with pockets in different styles for placing different tools while working. We make custom neck and care labels for our clients as per their designs and logos. 

Most clients use screen printing and Embroidery as their favourite choice for making custom safety shorts. We use high-quality dyes for eco-friendly screen printing, and they won’t bleed or fade after constant washing. We use high-quality threads for Embroidery, and every short goes through quality checkpoints, where the quality of all these shorts is assessed in various ways. We make the best construction work shorts with different pockets in different styles for various brands. All the customizations in the shorts are of premium quality to ensure high quality.

PRICE RANGE: ($9-$25) shipping excluded: 

The pricing of the shorts depends on various things, including order quantity, design and style, and customization to be done on the shorts. The price of workwear shirts and shorts varies from each other because different fabrics are used in both of them. If the quantity of the shorts is high, then the price will be less than if the quantity of the shorts is less. Some customizations are expensive, and it also depends on the size of the Embroidery or the number of colours used in screen printing. We are giving you an idea regarding the range of the price of the work shorts, and we will give the final quotation after reviewing your inquiry. We make hi vis workwear in wholesale quantities for wholesalers, and we offer very attractive prices to the bulk buyer of the shorts.

DELIVERY TIME: (20 days to 3 months)

These days, everyone wants quick deliveries; since amazon started giving same-day deliveries, people have high expectations. No matter what industry it is, everyone wants to get their products as soon as they want. We strive every day to ensure that we can bring down our production time and provide quick deliveries to our clients. Our job is to make the best carpenter work shorts of premium quality and provide our clients with quick deliveries. Normally, we take 15 days for sampling and the lead time for consignments depends on order quantity and fabric sourcing. We will quote the final price after reviewing your inquiry.


We have a strict policy regarding minimum orders, and we don’t ask for any MOQs from our clients. We want to help small players grow in the industry, keeping it this way. Our job at Duskoh is to make the best embroidered workwear for our clients without worrying them because of minimum order quantities. We aim to provide the best workwear shorts at competitive pricing to our clients. 


If you want workwear shorts, you can send us an inquiry at, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.