Custom Cargo Pants

We are manufacturers of custom cargo pants and workwear pants for various brands, wholesalers and companies. We aim to provide the best quality work pants to our clients. Work pants have to bear lots of wear and tear every day because most of these pants are wore by workers working in construction, oil and different industries. We also make fire retardant pants for workwear, and these pants go through a process in which a fire-retardant layer is added to their fabric so that they won’t catch fire in an accident.

We have a lot of fabrics available for the work and cargo pants. Twill remains the best choice of clients for work pants. Being cargo pants manufacturers, we ensure that our fabric is high quality and does not shrink or lose after washing. We have made work pants worldwide and mainly in the Gulf region. In the Gulf region, the working class wash these pants excessively, so we need to make sure that the yarns we use to make all of our fabric are of superior quality and can stay in place after extensive washing. We also make bulk quantities of pants for various wholesalers. If their desired fabric is not available or they need some specific blend for their fabric, we go for sourcing or manufacturing. Sourcing or manufacturing takes an additional 15 to 25 days. Twill is also used to make the best workwear jeans, and we can make different colours in the jeans as per your will. Twill is also a very popular fabric in fashion, and most fashion pants and jeans are made of Twill.

We have many options to customize cargo pants, but we advise our clients to go for Embroidery. When a logo or artwork is embroidered on the fabric, it has a very long life. We also use screen printing, and our high-quality dyes don’t bleed or fade, but Embroidery remains the preferred choice. We can use stickers, but we recommend using heat transfer stickers on work shirts made of polyester because the life of heat transfer stickers is much longer on fabrics like mesh instead of Twill. Other options are also available, mentioned below in the customization section.

We keep fabrics in various colours and GSM in our stock because some companies place orders directly to us. Most of them order around 500 to 1000 pairs of pants, and we don’t want to go for sourcing or manufacturing for these quantities because it will waste time. As a cargo pant manufacturer, we have to provide quick deliveries and keep fabrics in various colours and compositions, and GSM helps us deliver orders quickly. All the fabric we have is made using high-quality dyes which do not bleed or fade after washing. We are one of the leading workwear manufacturers, and we became leaders in this industry by providing exceptional services and trying to make everything easy for our clients.

We want to provide high quality work and cargo pants to our clients, and to ensure this, we have multiple highly skilled people who check the quality of the pants throughout the stitching and customization process. We need our trousers to be tough and rugged so that workers can easily wear them without worrying that seams would come out or something might happen to the trousers. We make wholesale uniforms workwear, and no matter how large the quantities are, we make sure that all the products have a uniform and are of high quality.


Following are some of the fabric options for the workwear pants,

  • Twill
  • Tri-Blends
  • Polyester/Cotton Blends
  • Cordura
  • Fire Retardant Fabric
  • Canvas

There are a lot of fabrics mentioned that are used to make work or cargo pants, but Twill remains the most preferred fabric. The reason behind it is that Twill is a heavy-duty fabric, and when washed, the stains can get easily washed. Twill of almost 230 to 240 GSM is used because it has the right amount of yarn used in weaving, and it does not tear and can handle the daily wear and tear. The Twill is available in various compositions like 100% cotton and Polyester/Cotton blends. As a cargo pants supplier, we advise clients to go for 100% cotton because it is a sustainable fabric and does not cause skin allergies. Tri-blends are also used in which Lycra or Spandex is used, and these kinds of blends are mostly used in custom made cargo pants for women. Tri-blends are very popular in work shorts because they provide the flexibility required to bend, move, or work at certain angles. Lycra is a very popular fabric used to make activewear shirts and shorts because it has high flexibility, and using Lyra yarn in the Twill makes it very flexible.

We also make Fire Retardant work pants used in the oil industry. We have made FR pants for various companies and wholesalers in the Gulf region. Since countries like Saudi Arabia are one of the largest producers of oil, so most of the FR work pants are used in Saudi Arabia and Gulf. We have fabrics available in our warehouse, but we can source or manufacture that fabric for you even if you need some specific blends for your work pants. We make work pants in bulk quantities for wholesale mens work pants and womens work pants, and we go for manufacturing in this case. We make fabric customized from yarn to dyes to all the processes done on the fabric, as per the client’s specifications.


When it comes to the colours, workwear pants are mostly used in navy blue, black, orange, sky blue, red, khaki and dark red. We keep all these colours in various compositions in our stock so that every time a client places us an order, we don’t have to make him wait for 15 to 25 days. Instead of waiting, we go for manufacturing to save our clients time. We make the best men’s workwear and best women’s workwear because we know that if we provide high-quality workwear, our clients will come again for reordering.

If clients want specific colours for their work trousers, we can source or manufacture their desired colour. We have excellent relationships with our fabric providers, and we get the fabrics in much less time. Though we tell our clients that it might take an additional 15 to 25 days, there have been instances when clients needed work pants quickly, and we got their fabric ready within 5 days.


The most used fabric in the work or cargo pants is Twill. The standard quality we use is 14*14 (82*48), and the GSM of this fabric is around 230 to 240. It is the most used blend in the Gulf region. It is high quality and does not tear, shrink, or lose after constant usage. Some brands and companies go for higher GSM, around 280 grams. We have worked with various brands like Toyota and Michelin, and they go for Twill around 280 grams.

If clients want some specific GSM for their work pants, we can manufacture fabric as per their specifications. We want the best fabric for workwear for our clients so that when workers wear our work pants, they have positive reviews and tell their company to buy from us again and again. And we feel proud to tell you that we have retained our clients and there have been times when our clients went for some other suppliers, but only after one order they came back to us because our quality and services speak for themselves.


Following are some of the customization options clients can use for work and cargo pants,

  • Screen Printing
  • Heat Transfer Stickers
  • Embroidery
  • Embroidered Badges
  • Sublimation
  • Digital Printing
  • DTG
  • Silicon Printing
  • Customized neck and washing labels
  • Customized T-shirts designs

We were hoping you could make your own cargo pants, and for this purpose, we give our clients all of the options on the table to choose the best customization for their work pants. Most of the clients go for embroidery and screen printing. Customizations like sublimation and heat transfer stickers are mostly used in sportswear to make soccer and football uniforms. Clients can send us their artwork or logo, and we make mock-ups according to their designs; once the mock ups are approved, we go for manufacturing.

We use high-quality threads and machines for the Embroidery to ensure that the brand’s logos look amazing. We have a team who cut the loose thread after Embroidery to give the artwork a neat look. We use high-quality dyes in screen printing which are also eco-friendly to ensure that the colours won’t fade or bleed after washing. We want to provide our clients with the best custom workwear so that whenever someone asks them ‘who makes the best work pants’, they say that Duskoh makes the best pants and are happy with our services.

PRICE RANGE: ($10-$50) shipping excluded: 

We have our factory where manufacture pants and there is no middle party involved, which is why we provide very competitive prices for the work pants. Our job is to make custom workwear for our clients at affordable rates.

Certain factors influence the price of the work or cargo pants, like fabric type, order quantity, and customization. If the orders are in bulk, we can offer our clients very competitive prices. The fabric also matters a lot because if the quality of yarn and dyes is high, then the fabric will be expensive. The GSM of the fabric also matters because the higher the GSM, the more expensive it is. Customization also affects the pricing because the size of the embroidery matters, and if the size is small, it will cost less, while if the size is big, it will cost more. It depends on the size and the number of colours used in screen printing when it comes to screen printing. But don’t worry whether it is workwear, sportswear or fashion clothing, we offer very affordable rates.

DELIVERY TIME: (20 days to 3 months)

We have made our processes in our company very fast to cope with the race in this industry. We have taken multiple steps like making small units in our factory so that multiple orders are entertained at a single time. We also keep the fabric in our warehouse, so we don’t have to wait for sourcing or manufacture. We normally take 15 days for the samples, and the order of under 1000 pieces of customized safety pants is delivered in under 30 days. But if the fabric is not available, it might take an additional 15 to 25 days. If clients want to order bulk orders, we can entertain quantities under 10000 within 3 months.

We try to provide safety workwear wholesale at competitive prices and in a short time to save our clients time and give them a short lead time.


We don’t ask for MOQs, even if it’s sportswear, workwear, fashion clothing, activewear or gloves. We want to help our clients by providing them with high-quality clothing, and this is why we always try to help them in any way we can. We don’t have any minimum order quantities, and if you want a single piece, we will make that one piece for you. We are one of the luxury working pants manufacturers who provide the best quality and services to their clients.

We have a strict policy regarding minimum orders, and we don’t ask for any MOQs from our clients. We want to help small players grow in the industry, keeping it this way. Our job at Duskoh is to make the best embroidered workwear for our clients without worrying about them because of minimum order quantities. We aim to provide the best workwear shorts at competitive pricing to our clients; as a custom cargo pants supplierit’s our job to provide our clients with the best services.

If you want workwear pants, you can send us an inquiry at, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.