Custom Overalls

We have been manufacturing custom overalls and bibs for a long time. Overall are used in a lot of industries by workers as safety workwear. We were hoping you could customize your own overalls for your company or brand with your branding. Our job is to help companies make superior uniforms using high-quality yarns and dyes and different customizations to make custom work overalls for their brand or company.

We have a lot of fabrics that can be used to make overalls, but Twill remains the favorite choice of most clients. As bib manufacturers, our job is to put as many options as we can on the table, and clients need to choose the perfect fit for their custom bibs. We use the best yarn to make our fabrics to make the best workwear for men and women. The yarns we use are high-quality and won’t shrink or lose after washing. As overall manufacturers, we keep in mind that the overalls, bibs, and coveralls are used roughly, so we ensure the quality is high, which can bear the daily wear and tear. We keep a lot of different blends; some are 100% cotton, some are Polyester/Cotton blends, and the rest are Tri-Blends that have Lycra in them that make the fabric very flexible, which is needed in some lines of work.

We keep various blends with compositions in different colors and GSM for our clients. As wholesale workwear suppliers, we need to keep these fabrics in our warehouse so that if a client wants overalls or coveralls, we don’t have to go for sourcing or manufacturing; instead, we go straight for manufacturing, ultimately saving our and our clients time. We make many different products for our clients, and you can explore more on our website; we are also baby bib manufacturers, which would give an idea regarding the vastness of our products. We were hoping you could make your own overalls by using your favorite blends in your favorite colors, and this is why we keep an as wide range of fabrics in our collection.

We help our clients make custom overalls for men and women by customizing the overalls using different techniques. We have a wide range of options available for our clients, which are discussed in the customization section, but the clients prefer embroidery and screen printing to make custom bib overalls for their brand. Embroidery and screen printing has a long life. Still, as workwear wholesale suppliers, we advise our clients to go for Embroidery because its life is significantly longer than the life of the screen printing. 

We have a strong belief that the quality of the overalls matters a lot. Ultimately, the quality of an overall or bib will lead the clients to reorder the overalls. We make custom safety workwear, and this workwear should provide safety to the user. We have placed multiple checkpoints where the quality of the custom made overalls are assessed in different ways, and all the seams are checked to ensure superior quality. As a bibs supplier, we have to provide overalls and bibs that provide full safety to users.


Following are some of the fabric options for the custom overalls,

  • Twill
  • Tri-Blends
  • Polyester/Cotton Blends
  • Cordura
  • Fire Retardant Fabric 
  • Canvas

It is essential to go for the right fabric for the overalls because the quality of the fabric affects the quality of the overalls the most. Though there are a lot of available blends, Twill remains the undisputed champion among these fabrics for the work overalls, coveralls, and work pants. Our job is to make the best mens overalls and best womens overalls, that have top-of-the-tier quality, which speaks for itself. The best part about Twill is that it is a very tough and rugged fabric that is made to endure the abuse it goes through daily. 

We ensure that all fabrics are made using high-quality yarn. We want to make sure that this fabric is tough enough and does not shrink, lose, or expand after washing. These overalls are used daily and washed more often than regular clothing, so their quality should be good enough to withstand this daily wear and tear. We want to make the best wholesale bib overalls for clients who have high quality, which will lead them to buy from us again and again.

We also make FR overalls and bibs, mainly used in the oil industry. These are highly fire retardant, and all the accessories used in these overalls are also fire retardant. We are committed to making the best workwear clothing for men and women. For this purpose, we have partnered with the best suppliers that provide us with superior quality accessories used to make the overalls and bibs.


We keep a wide range of colors in our stock in different fabrics. Our warehouse always has all the colors used in abundance to make workwear overalls, coveralls, shirts, and pants. We are committed to making sourcing easy and fast for our clients, which is why we provide them with the fabric upfront so that we can skip sourcing and manufacturing and go straight into production.

We use high-quality dyes to make all of our fabrics. It is essential because we don’t want the colors to bleed or fade after constant washing. The FR fabric we use is treated with high-quality chemicals, making this fabric fire retardant. We are also dental bib manufacturers and make other products like sportswear, workwear, activewear, fashion clothing, and gloves.


We have a lot of different blends of fabrics available in various GSM and colors. The GSM of overalls matters a lot because it represents the thickness of the overalls. We want to make the best overalls for men and the best overalls for women, which is why we provide all kinds of options to our clients. Clients prefer going for heavyweight fabrics with higher GSM in the cold regions, while in hot and humid regions, clients tend to go for lightweight fabrics with low GSM. This is because, in hot and humid conditions, clients want overalls that are breathable and keep the workers cool when they are working. In companies where workers work indoors in a maintained temperature environment, clients tend to go for heavy GSM.


Following are some of the customization options clients can use for workwear overalls and bibs,

  • Screen Printing
  • Heat Transfer Stickers
  • Embroidery
  • Embroidered Badges
  • Sublimation
  • Digital Printing
  • DTG
  • Silicon Printing
  • Customized neck and washing labels
  • Customized T-shirts designs

We urge our clients to customize their overalls and bibs with their branding. We provide a lot of options to our clients for customizing overalls. Even if they want custom embroidered overalls, we can do Embroidery on the overalls and bibs as per their artwork. If they want custom printed overalls, we can do screen printing on their overalls and bibs as per their choice. But we advise our clients to go for Embroidery because it has a longer life than screen printing.

We use high-quality threads to do the Embroidery on all of our products, whether coveralls, overalls, fashion pants, hoodies, etc. We have the latest Tajima machines available for Embroidery. We make sure our team cuts the loose threads after the Embroidery is completed. We use superior quality dyes in the screen printing for amazing colors and results, and we also want the screen printing to have a longer life. The dyes we use have a long life, and they don’t bleed, fade or come off after washing or excessive use.

We are also a long sleeve waterproof bib manufacturer and can make all kinds of different overalls for your brand. We can also make Fire-Retardant overalls for clients who use them in the oil industry.

PRICE RANGE: ($8-$50) shipping excluded: 

There is a huge variation because cheaper fabrics are available, and basic overalls and bibs with no pockets cost cheaper. Coveralls with specialized pockets and FR treatment cost much higher than the normal overalls, which is obvious in the pricing. We want to make the best custom mens overalls for brands and companies and provide these overalls at very competitive pricing.

There are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to pricing, and some of these are fabric blend, order quantity, customization, and FR-treated clothing. And these factors are responsible for determining the price of all the products like coveralls, overalls, tank tops, etc. If the quantity is high, the price will be low and vice versa. When it comes to Embroidery, the thread count matter; the bigger the size of the Embroidery, the more expensive it will be. The same goes for screen printing; if clients want custom overalls for men and women and choose screen printing, then the size and the number of the different colors used in the artwork matter because the bigger size and more colors will lead to more price.

DELIVERY TIME: (20 days to 3 months)

We reckon that time is of the essence and every company and client wants their goods within less time. We have made our processes in our factory very fast. We have divided our stitching units into small units so that we can entertain multiple orders at the same time. We have big stitching units for the bulk orders. We make custom denim overalls and bibs in as little time as possible. 

The lead time depends on fabric availability, customization, and order quantity. But we offer very less time than our competitors. We take 3 to 4 working days to make samples, and the shipping takes 7 days. It depends on the quantity and other factors when it comes to consignments. Please send us an inquiry for the exact time. We can easily manage quantities up to 10000 under 3 months. This is to give you an idea. 


We work with many companies with small orders, and we want small companies and startups to grow, so we don’t have any MOQs. Even if you have a staff of 2 people, we will make overalls for 2 people. We want you to customize overalls for your brand, and at Duskoh, we do it for you.



If you want workwear overalls, you can send us an inquiry at, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.