Custom Scrubs

We have been making custom scrubs for the medical industry for a long time. We use a lot of different blends like cotton, fleece, French terry, and many more to make custom scrubs for doctors. We use various customization techniques to customize your scrubs as per your specifications. We aim to provide premium quality scrubs to doctors, wholesalers, and brands. Scrubs are a typical clothing attire for the doctors and nurses and most of the medical staff wear scrubs in their daily routine. 

We have a lot of fabrics available when it comes to making the best custom scrubs. We ensure that all of the fabrics we have is made using high-quality yarns so that the fabrics won’t shrink or lose after washing. Usually, cotton blends are used to make custom medical scrubs for doctors in the hot climate conditions while in the colder regions French terry and Fleece are used. We also make custom surgical scrub caps for our clients and we also provide all these products to various wholesalers.

We have all these fabrics, cotton blends, French Terry, and Fleece available in various colors and GSM. Since young doctors love to wear more vibrant colors so we have these fabrics available in various colors for customized scrubs for a doctor. Our job is to provide various options to our clients for custom scrub shirts and custom scrub pants so that clients can choose the fabrics for their custom scrubs. Mainly fleece and French terry are used and we have a lot of fabrics available in this fabric. Fleece ad French terry is also used to make sweatshirts, hoodies, tracksuits, etc. We also make custom-colored fabric for clients if we don’t have the desired fabric that clients want. We can go for sourcing or manufacturing for these fabrics.

All the brands and wholesalers want some customization in the custom made scrub tops and pants. This is why we provide a lot of options to our clients so that they can use different designs and styles to make scrubs in different designs. Customizations that are mainly used in the scrubs are embroidery and screen printing, other these clients make scrubs in different designs and do piping in different colors between seams to make their scrubs stand out from their competition. Some clients go for custom fit scrubs and want scrubs to have a great fitting. We also do customization in the custom scrub caps for clients for their branding on it.

We believe that the quality of our products should be very high because ultimately we want our quality to speak for ourselves. As one of the medical scrub vendors, we have to make premium quality products for our clients. To attain this, we have multiple checkpoints throughout the manufacturing process where scrubs go through a series of checking points and quality personnel check the quality of custom made medical scrubs from every angle. If there are any mistakes they pick up those mistakes and those issues are resolved right away. We make scrubs sets in wholesale quantities and all these scrubs go through the same process of quality control.


Following are some of the fabric options for the scrubs,

  • Cotton Blends
  • Cotton/Polyester Blends
  • Fleece
  • French Terry

Many fabrics can be used to make custom medical scrubs and custom dental scrubs but the fabrics mentioned above are used the most. Fleece is a very cozy and warm fabric that gives a very soft touch to the body. It is the same fabric that is used to make sweatshirts, hoodies, and tracksuits, and people love this fabric because of the comf it provides. French terry is very similar to the Fleece but it does not have a brushed border from the inside and it has also been used a lot to make medical scrubs. Cotton lightweight blends are used in the Gulf and Mid Eastern regions where the conditions are hot because it is a very breathable fabric and keeps the doctors cool while they are working. Our job is to provide the best wholesale workwear clothing to our clients and for this reason, we provide different options to our clients.

All of our fabrics are premium quality because we ensure that our fabrics don’t shrink, lose or bleed after washing. We use skin-friendly yarns and dyes to ensure that doctors and medical staff can easily wear the scrubs without having to worry about anything. We also make scrubs for clients who deal in wholesale workwear and they buy bulk quantities from us. If you need any specific blend for the scrubs, or any other workwear items like shirts, pants, etc, we have connections with the best workwear fabric manufacturers and we can source or manufacture your desired fabric within 15 to 20 days.


We keep all these fabrics in various colors and shades for our clients because we want this process to be as fast as it can be. If a client wants custom company workwear for their company, we want to provide them options right away and once they have finalized everything, we want to go for production instead of waiting for the fabric to come in. fleece and French terry are also used to make other products like hoodies so we have these fabrics in a lot of colors because this is used a lot in our company. We want to provide the best quality workwear to our clients and for this reason, we use high-quality dyes to make these fabrics so that the colors won’t fade or bleed after washing.


We keep the fabrics in various GSM in our stock so that clients can easily choose the best GSM for their fabric. GSM also depends on the type of fabric, for example, French terry and Fleece have high GSM above 300 grams while cotton blends are used to make custom scrubs for men and custom scrubs for women GSM around 200 grams. In hot climate regions, fabrics with lighter GSM are preferred and vice versa. Clients can choose their desired GSM for their blend and if we don’t have their desired GSM in fabrics then we can source or manufacture fabric for them. We also make custom made scrub caps so different fabrics in different GSM are available for them also.


Following are some of the customization options clients can use for t-shirts, polo shirts, and cargo shirts,

  • Screen Printing
  • Heat Transfer Stickers
  • Embroidery
  • Embroidered Badges
  • Sublimation
  • Digital Printing
  • DTG
  • Silicon Printing
  • Customized neck and washing labels
  • Customized T-shirts designs

Our job is to put as many customization options as we can on the table so that clients can choose the best customization option for their custom scrubs. Whether customers are looking for scrubs, caps, or custom high vis workwear, we provide all of these customization options to the clients for their workwear. But the two main options that clients choose when it comes to the scrubs are embroidery and screen printing. 

Clients use embroidery as their preferred option for customization because it has a longer life than the other options. The doctors also get their names embroidered on the scrubs using different colored threads. These two options are the most preferred options for the entire workwear item because of their longer life. Screen printing is also used to design multiple color names or logos on the scrubs. We help clients in every way and this is why we are called the best medical scrub vendors.

We use premium quality thread for the embroidery and we cut all the loose threads to give the embroidery a neat look. We use eco-friendly and skin-friendly dyes in the screen printing which don’t cause harm to the environment and don’t bleed, fade or crack after multiple washes.

PRICE RANGE: ($8-$30) shipping excluded: 

There is a variation in the price of the scrubs because the price depends on a lot of different factors which include order quantity, customization, and fabric type. These are a few things that determine the ultimate price of the scrubs ad you can send us an inquiry for the final price. We give the best affordable prices and you find vendors in the medical scrub vendor list and you will see our prices are better than our competitors.

The bigger the order quantity the lesser the price will be. As far as customization is concerned, the bigger the size of embroidery the more expensive it will be while when it comes to screen printing the size and the number of the colors will determine the price. If you want wholesale scrubs sets from vendors like us then we can offer you attractive prices for the scrubs. 

DELIVERY TIME: (20 days to 3 months)

We do not ask for a lot of time when it comes to the lead time because we understand the importance of time and we know that every client wants their products as soon as they can. We want you to customize your own scrubs for your company with your branding and we will do it all for you in minimum time. We normally take 3 to 4 working days for the sampling and after that, we take almost 7 days to deliver the samples because courier companies take this much time. Even if you want custom embroidered scrubs or custom ink scrubs, the time for the sampling will remain the same. When it comes to orders then we will tell you the time after reviewing your inquiry. It is our job to provide custom printed scrub tops and pants on time to our clients.


We don’t ask for minimum order quantities from our clients because we believe in helping our small clients who want to create their brands so we don’t want to limit them by asking them MOQs. We want to provide them with custom logo workwear without having to worry about anything. It’s our job to provide the best custom scrubs to our clients at the best rates, on time, and without asking them for MOQs.



If you want workwear scrubs, you can send us an inquiry at, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.