Safety Vest Manufacturers

We are safety vest manufacturers who make a wide variety of vests for workwear. We aim to provide superior quality custom vests for work for various brands, companies, and wholesalers. We use high-quality materials to make vests used in the workwear industry. We make all kinds of vests, whether it is safety vests, hi vis vests, or insulated vests used in the cold climate regions. We use high-quality insulation in these vests to make sure that they block all the cold while keeping the working class warm. All the custom safety vests are made using a high-quality mesh which machine washable, and its colors won’t fade or bleed after washing.

The fabric of the vests depends on the use of the vests. If you want custom printed work vests with a hi-vis reflector and your branding on them, we can use Mesh to make most of these vests. We are a safety vest manufacturer who makes vests for cold regions with insulation. We use polyester blends for the outer layers and high-quality insulation that keeps the cold away and the person warm. We have a wide variety of fabrics available for custom-made hi-vis vests and insulation vests, and you can choose the best fabric for you.

There are a lot of colors available in the fabrics for the vests for custom men’s workwear and custom women’s workwear. We keep these fabrics in our store so that if a client orders, we don’t have to go for sourcing or manufacturing, and we can start manufacturing vests without any delay. We are also safety vests wholesale suppliers, and we make work and safety vests in bulk quantities for the wholesalers. If you want any specific color for your vest, and if that color is not available, we can source or manufacture that colored fabric for a custom hi vis safety vest and work vest. We use high-quality dyes to make the work and safety vest so that the colors of the custom safety vest and work vest won’t fade after multiple washing. We also keep these fabrics in different GSM for the clients to choose from.

There are many options available when it comes to making custom logo work vests and safety vests. We make the reflectors in various designs, and the clients can choose the best designs for their vests. We make mockups of the vests and send them to clients to choose from. If clients want custom construction safety vests with embroidery or screen printing, we can do all these customizations on the vests. We have many customization options in the customization section, and clients can choose the best customization for the custom work vest and work vest.

Quality has a huge impact on the buying decision of the clients, and we ensure that all our products are made using the best quality fabrics and accessories. Clients can make a hi-vis vest with custom logos on them, and we provide the best quality customization for the vests. As a leading manufacturer of workwear, we have placed multiple quality checking checkpoints, and all of our products, whether it is work vests, t-shirts, pants, coveralls, etc. all of these products go through these quality control checkpoints where the quality of these products is assessed to ensure only high-quality vests go for packing. Since we pay so much attention to details, this is why we are recognized as one of the best workwear manufacturers in Pakistan.

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When it comes to the fabric of the vests, the question is, what kind of vests do you want? If you want safety vests, Mesh and Twill are the best fabrics for these vests. If you want custom printed workwear, then Twill and Polyester blends are used, and screen printing is done on these vests for superior quality. We use high-quality reflectors on the work vests and safety vests so that the visibility of these reflectors is high and the effect does not lose after multiple washing. We keep all these fabrics in various blends in stock in our warehouse. Keeping fabric in stock ensures that clients don’t have to wait while we are souring or manufacturing fabric, and once they approve the order, we can go straight for manufacturing without wasting our client’s time.

We use premium quality dyes and yarn to make the fabric so that the fabric does not shrink, lose, bleed or fade after constant washing. If you need safety vest manufacturers in the USA, we can provide these vests fully customized at your doorstep. If clients want to go for some specific fabric blend for their vest, then we can source or manufacture that blend. Wholesalers are looking for safety and work vest bulk suppliers; we can make bulk quantities of vests with your branding and fully customized fabric.

Following are some of the fabric options for the safety and work vests,

  •  Softshell
  •  Fleece (100% Cotton or Polyester/Cotton Blend)
  •  Polar Fleece
  •  Twill
  •  Mesh
  •  Cordura
  •  Waterproof Polyester Blends
  •  Polyester Blends for insulated vests


We keep all the fabrics mentioned above in various colors and compositions in our stock. Keeping these colors is to provide our clients with their respective colors, and if they approve the order and fabric, we can start production instead of waiting for the fabric to come in.

The dyes we use in the customized safety vest fabric and work vest are of superior quality and don’t bleed after multiple washing. These dyes are eco-friendly and do not cause harm to the environment. We ensure that the dyes we use are also skin-friendly and do not cause rash or allergy to the people who wear them.


Clients can go for a fully custom-made safety vest and work vest because we keep these fabrics in various GSM and colors. Various fabrics make safety vests and work vests, and different fabrics have different GSM. For instance, the polyester blends used to make the safety vest have low GSM, while Twill, Fleece, and French terry have higher GSM. Ultimately, the client chooses the best GSM for their safety and work vests. We provide different GSM in other fabrics to make work pants, coveralls, overalls, etc. Clients can order custom safety vests, and we will use their desired GSM as per their specifications; even if we don’t have that GSM, we can go for manufacturing to make fabric with their desired GSM for their vests.


Customization of the work and safety vests is a crucial process. Most branding is done on the vests using customization, and good quality customization will make your brand look unique and high-end. We have many options for making custom work vests and safety vests, and clients can choose their best choice to customize the vests.

Mostly Embroidery, screen printing, and heat transfer stickers make a custom logo on a safety vest. A lot of clients prefer Embroidery because it has a long life. We have high-end embroidery machines and thread to ensure high quality of Embroidery. The loose threads are cut after the Embroidery to give your logo or branding a unique and neat look. Screen printing is also widely used to customize the safety vest because it also has a long life, and if more colors are needed, it can enhance the look of your logo. Many shops use heat transfer stickers are used by many shops that buy vests from wholesalers and then customize them for their clients. These techniques also customize other safety products like coveralls, overalls, t-shirts, and pants.

Following are some customizations that we can do in vests for clients,

  •  Screen Printing
  •  Heat Transfer Stickers
  •  Embroidery
  •  Embroidered Badges
  •  Sublimation
  •  Digital Printing
  •  Silicon Printing
  •  Customized neck and washing labels

Even if any other customization is required, not mentioned here, we would love to entertain any customization in vests.

PRICE RANGE: ($3-$30) Shipping Excluded

The price of the vests varies depending on different factors, including fabric type, order quantity, and customization. The bigger the quantity, the lesser the price will be. As far as fabric type is concerned, some fabrics are expensive, like Fleece, French terry, and Twill, while others are cheap, like Mesh. So the final price will depend on what kind of vest you want. Send us an inquiry on our email, and we will get back to you with an attractive price. The customization also affects the price because some customization like heat transfer stickers is cheaper than embroidery and screen printing. When it comes to embroidery and screen printing, the price depends on the thread count and size of the Embroidery and the size and number of colors used in the screen printing. We give very attractive prices as hi-vis vest suppliers while using high-quality customization and hi-vis reflectors on your vests.

The price of the vest depends on the fabric, customization, and order quantity of vests. We provide very competitive pricing for vests without compromising the quality of the materials for vests. The price variation is because vests made in Mesh are almost 3 dollars while vests made in Twill or Cordura with multiple pockets go up to 30 dollars.

DELIVERY TIME: (20 days to 3 months)

The lead time for the vests depends on what kind of vest you want. Safety vests made using Mesh are made in less time than the insulation vests with three layers. Multiple factors come into play when it comes to delivery or lead time. Usually, we take 3 t 4 days to get the samples ready, and the shipping takes 7 working days. The order quantity also affects the delivery time because the larger the quantity, the more time it will take. The customization also plays a role since heat transfer stickers take less time while Embroidery and screen printing take more time, but you don’t have to worry since we can do both screen printing and Embroidery on a large scale.


We at Duskoh don’t ask for minimum order quantities because we believe it’s important for the clothing industry that small brands are given a chance, and we don’t want to limit them by asking for minimum orders. As wholesale hi-vis workwear, we supply all kinds of vests without minimum orders. As for safety vest manufacturers, we don’t ask the clients for the minimum orders for their vests.

If you need high-quality vests fully customized as per your specifications, you can email us your inquiries at