Workwear T Shirt Supplier

Duskoh is one of the leading workwear t shirt supplier. We make t-shirts, polo shirts, cargo shirts, etc., for the workwear brands and wholesalers. We aim to provide the best workwear t shirts and best workwear polo shirts for brands customized as per the client’s specifications. We believe in superior quality products, and we have taken strict quality control measures to ensure that only high-quality products for the packing. We provide customization options for the working shirts like Embroidery, screen printing, heat transfer sticker, tackle Twill, etc. T-shirts are used in daily routine by the working class, and during the working, they have to face harsh conditions, and we ensure that every t-shirt that we make can withstand this wear and tear.

We provide a lot of options for the fabrics of t-shirts. We make the best workwear t shirts in cotton jersey, and we use high-quality yarn to ensure that shirts don’t shrink or expand after multiple washes. We also make activewear t-shirts and fashion t-shirts, and even if you are interested in them, you can check our activewear and fashion sections. We make the best workwear polo shirts in jersey, Interlock, and pique, but pique is preferred by most of our clients. Cargo shirts are made from twill and other cotton or polyester/cotton blends with high GSM to ensure durability. 

We provide a lot of options for the customization of the shirt. It depends on the clients and what kind of customization they want to go for. We provide polo shirts for mens workwear and polo shirts for womens workwear in different designs per the client’s tech packs. Our facility is capable of handling large orders in a short time. Our job is to provide the best custom workwear shirts with the highest quality standard. Clients can go for Embroidery, screen printing, heat transfer sticker, tackle Twill, DTG, DTG, and Sublimation as their customization options. We can do all of these customizations for the bulk quantities. We were hoping you could make your own work t shirt, which is why we have all these options available for you.

We believe in high-quality products, and we want to provide the best workwear shirts to our clients. This is why we have placed 5 quality control checkpoints throughout our manufacturing process. Every shirt goes through these checkpoints where professionals check the quality, and shirts that pass the quality test go for packing. Any shirt with any anomaly goes back into the stitching unit where all the mistakes are corrected, and that shirt goes through the same process of quality control before it goes for the packing. Being a hi vis shirts supplier, we use high-quality reflectors that won’t damage even after multiple washes.

We provide fabrics in various colors, compositions, and GSM. Our job is to provide quick service so that clients don’t waste their time while we manufacture or source fabric. As a work shirt manufacturer, we want to make this process as quick as possible. We also make customized fabric for clients if fabric is not available or if they want some specific blend for their shirts.

If you are a wholesaler and want plain t-shirts, polo shirts, or cargo shirts, we can customize these shirts as per your specifications. We can entertain bulk orders in a short time. We are one of the best safety shirts manufacturers and make all kinds of shirts for brands and wholesalers.


Following are some of the fabric options for the t-shirts,

  • Cotton Jersey
  • Single Jersey (Polyester/Cotton Blend, Cotton/Spandex Blends)
  • Interlock
  • Pique
  • Twill
  • Polyester/Cotton Blends
  • Tri-Blends
  • Organic Cotton 
  • Linen
  • Rayon

There are many fabric options for t-shirts, polo shirts, and cargo shirts. Our job is to provide all these options; ultimately, it’s your choice to decide the best fabric for your shirts. We can make all kinds of blends for your shirts if you want to go for some special blend for your shirts. We make custom t-shirts for all kinds of jobs; even if you want custom landscaping work shirts or custom work shirts for industrial use, we can make all of them.

Cotton jersey or Single Jersey in polyester/cotton are mostly used in the t-shirts. In the Gulf region, the companies usually go for poly/cotton blends since they are cheaper, and adding polyester to cotton adds more durability to the fabric. We make sure all the fabrics are of high quality and do not shrink or lose after multiple washing. Interlock is also used to make t-shirts, but companies do not prefer it since it is made of polyester and is not very skin-friendly.

Polo shirts are usually made frompique, but you can also make them in Interlock and single jersey. We have various colors available in the pique for the clients. We have pique in various compositions, but clients usually go for 100% cotton or poly/cotton blends.

Since Twill is a heavy-duty fabric, cargo shirts are made from Twill and can easily tackle the daily wear and tear. Even if you want white workwear t shirts or black workwear t shirts, we have Twill available in various colors, and if we don’t have your required color available, we can manufacture it as per your color scheme.


We have fabrics available in different colors, almost all of the fabrics. Even if your desired color is unavailable, we can source or manufacture your desired color in your fabric. We were hoping you could make your own work t shirt, and this is why we are open to going for manufacturing or sourcing fabrics in your desired colors. We use premium quality dyes in the fabric so that fabric does not bleed or fade after multiple washes. All the fabrics used to make custom work shirts go through various processes during dyeing to ensure that the fabric is soft and durable.


We keep the fabrics in various GSM because clients go for lighter GSM, while clients go for heavier GSM in other areas. For instance, in the Gulf region, due to high-temperature, clients go for lower GSM fabrics that are lightweight and breathable so that laborers can easily wear the t-shirts while working. We can make custom fabric as per your required GSM, but we have to go for manufacturing or souring, which might take some additional time between 15 to 20 days.


Following are some of the customization options clients can use for t-shirts, polo shirts, and cargo shirts,

  • Screen Printing
  • Heat Transfer Stickers
  • Embroidery
  • Embroidered Badges
  • Sublimation
  • Digital Printing
  • DTG
  • Silicon Printing
  • Customized neck and washing labels
  • Customized T-shirts designs

Since most companies or brands who buy workwear shirts want their own customization on the shirts, we provide all kinds of options. You can go for any design of a t-shirt, polo shirt, and cargo shirt as per your need. If you want custom reflective work shirts, we can use different designs of reflectors for your shirts. If you want some different designs or want to add multiple pockets to a shirt, we would be more than happy to oblige your request. 

We can do that if you want custom screen printed work shirts with your brand or company name printed on the back or chest. The best part is we do it on the panels before the shirts are ready instead of printing shirts after they are ready. This helps us achieve uniformity, and the quality of printing is high. We use high-quality dyes to print so that printing does not come off after multiple washes. 

Most clients go for Embroidery because it has a very long life. We use high-quality threads, and extra threads are cut after Embroidery to ensure that the overall shirt has high quality and does not have any loose threads.

The clients mainly use these two customization options, but if you want to go for any other customization mentioned above, we can go for that. We can do all these customizations for bulk orders, so you don’t have to worry about needing customized 10000 shirts.

PRICE RANGE: ($3-$30) shipping excluded: 

The price of the shirts varies depending on their type, customization, order quantity, and fabric type. Normally t-shirts are the cheapest among the shirts. We offer very competitive prices for the shirt because we have our factory and there is no involvement of any third party.

We usually make custom work polo shirts with a logo for 7 dollars, but if you go for high quantities above 1000, we can offer very attractive rates. Therefore, there are a lot of factors involved, so send us your inquiry so that we can come up with the best price for your shirts.

Some customizations are cheap, and some are expensive, so they also affect the pricing. Likewise, if the order quantity is good, we can offer very attractive prices, while if the order quantity is low, the prices will be high. 

DELIVERY TIME: (20 days to 3 months)

We have our facility, which is large enough to handle large orders in a short time, so we don’t ask for a lot of time. Still, lead time usually depends on order quantity, fabric availability, and customization.

If the order quantity is large, it might take more time, and if it is small, it will take less time. But we offer very less time than other companies even though if you want custom long sleeve work shirts or custom polo shirts, we will offer a very less time. If your desired fabric is available, it might take less time, but if we need to go for sourcing or manufacturing, it might take more time. 


We make all kinds of custom printed work shirts with no minimum order quantities. Since we want small brands to grow and we don’t want to limit them because of the MOQs, we have no MOQs policy. As a workwear t shirt supplier, it is our job to help our clients in any way, so this is why we don’t ask for minimum orders. 


If you want workwear shirts, you can send us an inquiry at, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.