custom boxing shorts


If you’ve ever wanted to make custom boxing shorts, this article will greatly help you. You can choose sizes, colors, and styles. Prices vary; you can even have them made with your name or favorite sports team logo. And with the wide variety available, the options are nearly endless. Whether you’re training for a tournament or training for your daily life, you’ll want to make sure you have the best-looking shorts possible.

custom boxing shorts

01. Sizes

It’s important to choose boxing shorts that fit properly and allow you to move freely. The best boxing shorts also keep your groin protector securely in place. They also need to look nice and are durable, so boxers usually go for shorts that are two sizes larger than their actual size. Boxing shorts are versatile, so you can use the same shorts for training and competitions or buy separate shorts for each.

Some boxing shorts have side slits to allow you to move freely. Others might prefer baggy shorts. Whatever you choose, ensure the material is flexible and offers a good amount of stretch. Also, check the stitching on the seams. It would be best if you made sure the supplier reinforced seams to avoid rips and holes. You can also look for breathable panels and thick elasticated waistbands. These features will help you stay cool and protected while you’re training.

If you’re unsure what size you need, many sizes are available. You can buy men’s boxing trunks in three sizes on Amazon. Duskoh, a leading manufacturer of combat sports equipment, offers several sizes. They also make boxing shorts in various colors. In addition to the colors and the size options, boxing shorts from this manufacturer are comfortable and durable. They’re made of polyester and are tear-resistant.

The correct size of boxing shorts is important for many reasons. The most obvious reason for wearing too baggy shorts is that they restrict your leg movement. Additionally, you don’t want to expose your belly to the same amount of body weight. Furthermore, you don’t want to expose your inner thighs to blows that aim at your belly. Lastly, boxing shorts should fit correctly and comfortably.

custom boxing shorts

02. Colors

There are many different colors and designs of boxing shorts, and you can find a great pair online. Whether you prefer traditional black or vibrant orange, you can find a pair that suits your style. Whether you train daily or want to perform exotic choreographies, you’ll find the perfect pair for your workout. If you’re unsure which style of shorts to buy, consider looking for a pair with a custom logo.

If you want a classic look with less baggy fabric, you can try a pair of Duskoh shorts. They make durable shorts in satin-like material; these boxing shorts have a pro-style embroidered logo. They make customized boxing shorts, which also feature space for a sponsor’s logo. They make fully customized shorts from scratch as per personalization. You can choose from eight different colors and five different sizes. These shorts are the perfect choice if you’re training for amateur or professional boxing.

Good boxing shorts should fit properly, so make sure they’re comfortable and stretchy. Look for elastic waistbands and strong, flatlock stitching. You want to choose shorts with stretchy material that won’t restrict your movement and don’t allow you to feel restricted. Also, look for side slits. Without these, shorts that cover your legs aren’t going to give you the freedom of movement you need.

Regardless of the color of your trunks, choosing a pair made of comfortable fabric is important. Make sure to choose a name-brand manufacturer with a reputation for creating quality boxing shorts. Duskoh makes high-quality boxing shorts for men. However, keep in mind that boxing shorts are a bit different than other types of combat sports shorts. If you want cheap custom boxing shorts, going for an overseas supplier like Duskoh is the best option. If you want shorts for gym or fashion, they also make these shorts, and you can check them on their website in the respective sections.

custom boxing shorts

03. Styles

When buying boxing shorts, it is important to look for several factors. For instance, they should be lightweight to allow the boxer to move easily around the ring. The shorts should also be made of material that wicks moisture away from the body, as sweat can decrease a boxer’s performance. The right material is one of the most important aspects of boxing shorts, so it is essential to find a durable and comfortable pair.

If you’re looking for boxing shorts for a child, consider choosing a pair with a personalized logo or a team name. These shorts are available in various colors, and you can even get them customized with your child’s name on them. Many companies make these shorts available online so that you can choose the perfect pair for your child. 

While there are a few different styles, the most important thing to consider is the material. Boxing shorts should be made of breathable material, but they should also have some stretch. Moreover, the material should be strong and not have any gaps along the seams. Make sure to look for flatlock stitching and reinforced seams. You can also get boxing shorts with thick elastic waistbands that act as back support. Silicon-lined waistbands are also available.

Another important factor is the size. Boxing shorts can vary in length from six inches to two feet. Choose one that fits your body. If you have a tight waist, choose the appropriate size. Otherwise, you may not be comfortable in your shorts. If you want to wear shorts that will fit your legs properly, you can buy a pair that fits comfortably and is durable enough for intense training.

When choosing a pair of boxing shorts, you should consider the weight. Some fighters find the shorts too heavy and choose to buy lightweight boxing trunks. Heavyweights don’t have to worry about their weight so they won’t notice any difference. For smaller fighters, the weight of the trunks may be an issue, but for lightweight boxers, it is a big benefit. It would be best if you went for boxing shorts customized to your body and size.

custom boxing shorts

04. Price

As you would expect, boxing shorts aren’t cheap. It is because they are custom apparel, and the quality isn’t cheap, either. Quality and cost go hand in hand, and a cheaper pair of boxing shorts will wear out quickly. When you’re buying custom made boxing shorts, however, make sure you pay attention to the price. It’s always better to pay more for high-quality boxing shorts than go with cheap ones.

The price of boxing shorts is an important factor to consider because the material will determine their durability. Ideally, it would be best if you opted for a lightweight and durable fabric. The fabric used in boxing shorts should be breathable enough to keep the body’s temperature stable. Some boxing shorts have mesh panels to keep sweat away from the body. A pair of shorts that have micro-mesh panels will help you avoid this.

If you’re interested in becoming a professional boxer, the weight of the trunks will play a major role in your performance. The extra weight won’t make a difference if you’re a lightweight fighter. On the other hand, if you’re heavyweight, a lighter pair of boxing shorts will be more comfortable. The cost of boxing shorts can vary from twenty to eighty US dollars. The price of boxing shorts depends on the brand, material, and type.

If you’re looking to customize boxing shorts that are also cheap, you should opt for Duskoh. They also make Fashion clothing, sportswear, activewear, workwear, and gloves for brands and companies. The company is famous for high-quality sports apparel, and these trunks are no exception. These boxing trunks are made of satin polyester material and have quality stitching. While they’re not stretchy, they provide enough room to perfect your footwork and perform acrobatics. A high-quality pair of boxing shorts will last you a long time.

Boxing shorts come in various sizes, and you should purchase them with this in mind. MMA and boxing are both competitive sports; you should keep this in mind when making custom boxing shorts for your team or yourself. The shorts should match your training level. Don’t get confused over different brands! You can find cheaper options by shopping at your local sporting goods store or online. You can even find boxing shorts in department stores.


If you want custom boxing shorts customized as per your design and specification, you should choose Duskoh. They provide a variety of options for the customization of boxing shorts. You can check their website at and email them at


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