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If you’re in the process of purchasing a custom cheerleader uniform, there are several important tips to keep in mind. First, skirt length is an important aspect to keep in mind. If you’re in doubt about the proper length of your skirt, then you should try working it out; this article will help you with that.

custom cheerleader uniform

Custom Cheerleading Uniforms Are A Great Way To Save Money On Uniforms

If you have a budget, you might be wondering how to style cheerleading uniforms and save money. This article will tell you how to save money on cheerleading uniforms and still look great. Firstly, you should always choose a comfortable fabric. You don’t want to wear a flimsy, uncomfortable uniform that won’t last for several seasons. Also, it would be best if you bought cheerleading uniforms capable of manoeuvring. Depending on the school, the uniform length may have to be more than the specified length. The quality of uniforms should be high because you don’t want any cheerleader uniform malfunctions during a program.

Choosing fabric for your cheerleading uniform is a difficult task. You need a comfortable fabric that will be durable and flexible. You shouldn’t sacrifice quality to buy cheap cheerleading uniforms. You can also check the material used in making cheerleading uniforms. There are many different types of materials, including stretchy fabric. You’ll need to consider the care instructions before purchasing. Also, remember that some fabrics require hand washing and aren’t durable. If you’re unsure, ask the designer about the proper washing methods. Most schools have standard guidelines for cheerleading uniforms. For instance, the length cannot be shorter than the specified length.

Apart from comfort, the cheerleading uniforms should also be age-appropriate. A younger cheerleader should wear long skirts and tops and avoid wearing material that is too clingy. A mature cheerleader should wear uniforms that are comfortable to wear. Avoid clingy fabrics as they might distract the audience from the routine and draw their attention to the wrong thing. High-quality fabric and an elastic waistband should be the minimum requirements for a cheerleading uniform.

custom cheerleader uniform

Rules For Skirt Lengths

The rule of thumb for skirt lengths is mid-thigh, but you can experiment by trying different rises and hemlines. Ideally, the skirt should fall at the natural waistline and slightly touch the bottom of the shell. Some squads even opt for a low-rise skirt, but you must wear undies under it. Below are some tips to help you choose the best length for you.

Cheer skirts are usually short, pleated, and match the colour of the cheerleading tops. They also help cheerleaders move freely, prevent them from tumbling, and give them an identity. NFHS rules for cheerleading uniforms include a requirement that the skirt length is between 12 and 14 inches. Other teams may not follow these rules, but NFHS guidelines indicate that skirts must cover the hips and be buttoned or zippered.

While many schools have a strict dress code, the Countryside High School cheerleaders were not exempt from the rules. They can wear longer skirts only during class, and they must wear jackets over them. The length of cheerleading skirts varies from school to school, so make sure your uniform is appropriate for the climate in your school. This rule is important to ensure safety and modesty for the cheerleading squad.

Lastly, if you want to wear cheerleading uniforms, you should consider purchasing a cheerleader uniform costume customized as per the design. The reason for this is that custom uniforms are not returnable or exchangeable. Because they are custom-made, you may want to order one size bigger than your usual clothes. It will give you more flexibility and room for growth. Make sure to ask for sizing samples if you need them.

custom cheerleader uniform

Trends In Cheerleading Uniforms

During the 1960s, cheerleading uniforms evolved from revealing midriffs to more feminine, form-fitting ensembles. It allowed cheerleaders to move with a greater range of motion. Most uniforms were polyester or spandex, and some teams began using metallic fabrics. In competition cheerleading, animal print textiles were common, and cheerleading uniform companies introduced metallic materials. Nowadays, cheerleading uniforms incorporate rhinestones and dye-sublimated fabrics, and even if you want a blue cheerleading uniform or cheerleading uniforms in any other colour, you can easily get them.

As the 1970s wore out, cheerleading uniforms changed in style, with women ditching the blouse under their sweaters in favour of a brassier. Women began wearing short skirts over biking shorts, and cheerleading briefs were dubbed spankies. But while cheerleading uniforms evolved in style, attitudes remained fairly similar throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Today, cheerleading uniforms have become much more athletic and streamlined.

Suppliers use a polyester-spandex blend to make skirts of cheerleading uniforms. High school cheerleaders wear a skirt that is approximately 14 inches long. Under their skirts, they may wear colourful spandex shorts that display their team name. Cheerleaders wear a tank top or leotard, and many teams also add custom warm-up jackets to their uniforms. If you need a custom cheerleader uniform supplier, you can contact Duskoh; they can make fully customized cheerleading uniforms for your team.

Historically, cheerleading uniforms were made of wool, plaid, and woollen fabric. Schools usually customize them with school initials to distinguish the squads. As cheerleading became more popular, the styles of uniforms continued to change, and many cheerleading companies are always trying to keep up with the latest “hot” looks. Despite the many changes in cheerleading apparel, the basic idea behind cheerleading uniforms has remained the same: encouraging athletes to perform at their maximum potential.

custom cheerleader uniform

Choosing A Cheerleading Outfit

When choosing a cheerleading uniform, there are several things to consider. Choosing a cheerleading uniform for younger girls should be as modest as possible, with the skirt and top being at least one-half longer than the rest of the ensemble. The cheerleaders’ costumes should also conceal undergarments to minimize immodesty. The fabric and cut should be comfortable and stretchy, with no extreme cutouts.

The adult cheerleading uniform should express the personality of the cheerleader. Choosing a cheerleading outfit that is too tight will not give the cheerleader the flexibility she needs during the performance. It should also be flattering to her body type. Ensure that the cheerleading costume does not restrict her movement or make her face appear larger than the rest of her body. Make sure that the cheerleading costume does not change shape during her performance.

Choose a cheerleading uniform that fits comfortably. Cheerleading involves a lot of movement, so choosing a uniform that doesn’t work properly will limit the cheers she can give; when buying a custom cheerleader uniform, select fabrics that offer high stretch. It will allow her to move better during competitions. Ensure that the cheerleading uniform will match the school’s colours and the climate. A custom cheerleader uniform with these features should be durable.

If you’re new to cheerleading, check out the uniform’s fabric. Some fabrics don’t last several seasons. Check with your cheerleading school for regulations on uniform length. The school’s uniform length requirement may be longer than your cheerleaders’ uniform. Also, check if any other restrictions apply to the uniform. If so, ensure that the cheerleaders’ uniform is comfortable and can withstand the manoeuvres.

custom cheerleader uniform

Cleaning Cheerleading Uniforms

While bleach may be the most convenient option for removing stains, it’s not the best for cleaning a custom cheerleader uniform. Not only does bleach strip the colour from your uniforms, but it also damages the fabric. Bleach also turns white uniforms yellow and leaves ugly spots. Instead, use oxygen-based all-fabric bleach or fabric softener. In addition to bleach, the uniforms should soak overnight to avoid setting the stains.

It would be best to wash your cheer uniforms separately from another laundry. Avoid washing them in the same machine as other clothes, as the heat may set stains permanently. Always wash parts of your cheer uniform separately to minimize the risk of smudging the rest of the uniform. If your water is particularly hard, you may consider buying a water conditioner. We recommend avoiding ironing or dry cleaning your uniforms. It is because certain types of detergents may cling to the letters of your uniforms.

When cleaning cheerleading uniforms, use a mild detergent, such as a mild one. Avoid using bleach on white shoes since it may cause the colour to become yellow or dark. Instead, use a degreaser made from Simple Green, Mean Green, or 409 to remove grease and grime from the fabric. To avoid the risk of allergic reactions, wear rubber gloves. You can also try a gentle cleanser if you’re not sure about the chemical composition of the detergent.

Never use high heat iron to dry your uniforms. It may damage the fabric and cause bubbles to appear. If you do use an iron, be sure to use a low-temperature steamer. Steamers have lower temperatures and can remove tough stains without damaging the fabric. Soaking in cold water with a little detergent can also help you eliminate stubborn stains. If you’re worried about the stains, you can also apply some detergent to the affected area and let it dry.


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