Fleece as a fabric has dominated the hoodies market for a long time. Every custom hoodies bulk manufacturer uses fleece to make hoodies for their brand. If you go to a brand or a shop, those hoodies will likely be in fleece.

What are the reasons that have led to this domination? Is fleece that good? What makes fleece so unique? Isn’t there any better fabric than fleece?

In this article, we will discuss fleece in detail, and then we will discuss the pros and cons that have led to this kind of domination.

What Is Fleece?

Fleece is a type of fabric that is very cozy upon touching, and it is made through the knitting process. Fleece is a material that brands use to make a lot of garments, but they mainly use it to make hoodies. You can also use fleece to make jackets and other outerwear items. Fleece is a warm fabric and provides insulation at low temperatures.

Fleece is a very breathable and comfortable fabric, so most brands and companies prefer using fleece in their hoodies and outerwear. If you go shopping, the hoodies you come across are likely made from fleece.

What Is Fleece Made From?

Usually, fleece is either 100% cotton or a Polyester/Cotton blend. Some companies and brands prefer cotton because they are moving towards sustainable fabrics. Cotton is a skin-friendly and organic yarn that gives a very comfortable and cozy feel. On the other hand, polyester is a synthetic fiber that is more durable than cotton.

Nowadays, brands and companies are using polyester/cotton blends because it combines the properties of both fabrics, thus making the fabric comfortable and durable. Polyester/Cotton blend has a longer life, and the fabric won’t shrink after multiple washing. The colors don’t bleed if you use high-quality dyes.

Organic cotton is also becoming popular as the movement towards making our planet green has picked up. Now new brands are making hoodies from 100% organic cotton. We hope that more brands will start using organic cotton so that we can make this planet a better place.

Is Fleece A Sustainable Fabric?

Whether fleece is sustainable or not mainly depends on the composition of the fabric. You can make fleece using different blends and yarns; the answer to this question lies in the composition of the fabric. To make fleece sustainable, you need to move towards more sustainable yarns.

You can use 100% organic cotton to make the fleece sustainable. Farmers make organic cotton so that they don’t have any carbon imprint on our planet. Another way to make fleece sustainable is using used polyester, which comes from used bottles, etc., and then these bottles are converted into yarn, ultimately used in making fleece.

What Are The Pros Of Fleece?

  • Fleece is warm and holds the air outside of the fabric, thus resisting the cold and keeping the inner temperature higher.
  • The fleece is breathable.
  • Fleece is brushed from the inside, making it a comfortable and cozy fabric.
  • Fleece is resistant to wrinkling to some extent.
  • Fleece does not allow water to pass easily from it.
  • Fleece is a durable fabric and lasts longer than a lot of other fabrics.
  • Fleece can quickly dry.
  • Fleece is machine washable, and you can easily clean it.

What Are The Cons Of Fleece?

  • Fleece is prone to heat, so try to wash it in cold water.
  • Fleece is puffy fabric, so it will take more space in your wardrobe.
  • Fleece can catch fire.
  • Hair and dirt can easily entangle in the fleece.
  • Poor quality fleece will start losing fur on the outer side.


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