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When making hoodies, you expect to make the best ones for your brand or company because they represent your image. You need to find the best custom hoodies manufacturer for your hoodies who is experienced and will not waste your money.

Several steps are involved in making hoodies, and in this article, we will discuss those steps and give some tips to help you make the best hoodies. The quality of the hoodies will represent your brand, so you should work hard with your supplier to make premium quality hoodies while avoiding all the mistakes.

Following are steps that are involved in making hoodies.

01. Designing the Hoodies: 

The first thing to do when making custom hoodies is to make designs of your hoodies and decide what kind of customization you want. You can hire a designer for this purpose, or you can work with a custom hoodies manufacturer who is experienced and has a design team.

A hoodies manufacturer will ask for your artwork and logos, and then they will make mockups of those hoodies and send you those mockups. If your supplier does not send you the mockups, ask them for the mockups so that you can have a glimpse of the product before it goes into production.

02. Pattern Cutting of the Hoodies:

The next step will be making the patterns and custom hoodies manufacturer will make the patterns, and most of the companies have experienced patterns makers who will use cardboard to cut the patterns.

This part is crucial because if pattern masters make a blunder, it will affect the whole consignment, so don’t forget to work with an experienced supplier like Duskoh.

03. Fabric Sourcing for Hoodies: 

The next step is to buy the best fabric for your hoodies. Often, fleece and French terry are used to make hoodies, but in the activewear industry, there are several polyester blends that suppliers also use to make the hoodies.

Decide the GSM and Color of the hoodies as per your liking, but a tip is to go for a heavier GSM because it will give your hoodies a unique and expensive look.

04. Cutting of the Fabric: 

Once you have the fabric, the next step is to use the patterns to cut the fabric. Work with an experienced supplier that has experienced personnel because if cutting is not done right, it can affect the sizing and which can cause derangement of the hoodies.

Fabric cutters use electric cutters to cut the fabric into pieces and then make the bundles of those pieces so they can go for customization or stitching.

05. Customization of the Hoodies: 

The next step is to customize hoodies because customization of hoodies is what will make your hoodies stand out from your competitors. You can choose from many options like sublimation, embroidery, screen printing, DTF, DTG, heat transfer vinyl, etc.

It also depends on your design, artwork, and budget because some customizations like sublimation are more expensive than others like heat transfer vinyl. Most people go for embroidery and screen printing because they have excellent quality and can be done on a large scale.

Embroidery is very long-lasting, and you can use multiple colors, while screen printing is also a great option; you can use multiple colors, but it has some limitations when it comes to using many colors.

Some brands customize hoodies after they are ready, most of which are wholesalers or small shops. Still, for superior quality, we recommend customization before stitching, and for this purpose, it is wise to work with a custom hoodies manufacturer.

06. Stitching of the Hoodies: 

Once the customization is done, the pieces of fabric will go into the stitching unit, where a stitcher will start sewing the hoodies. They use multiple machines to make hoodies. A single person can stitch upto 5 hoodies per day if experienced.

Stitching is also crucial; you must ensure that qualified personnel sews the hoodies for high quality.

07. Quality Control Checkpoint: 

Once the hoodie is ready, it goes through quality control, where a single passes through multiple people who analyze the quality of the hoodies. These people ensure that the sizing is correct, no extra threads are left, customization quality, and much more.

If a problem is encountered, they tag those hoodies and send them back to the stitching department, where relevant personnel will fix the issues, and then again, the hoodie will go through the same quality control process.

08. Packing and Shipping: 

Now that the hoodies are completed and have passed the quality control checkpoints, the next step is packing the hoodies. You can ask your custom hoodies manufacturer to use your branding on the packing bags to give them a more premium look.

Once the hoodies are packed, they are ready for shipping, and with this process of making hoodies ends.


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