custom lacrosse uniforms

How to Make Custom Lacrosse Uniforms

If you’ve ever wondered how to make custom lacrosse uniforms, you’ve come to the right place. This article will cover key topics, such as choosing a fabric, cutting out your design, Sublimation, and stitching. Once you know how to do each of these things, you’ll be well on creating your custom lacrosse uniforms.

All the teams want the best uniforms during their matches to boost their confidence. Moreover, it’s not only the confidence and artwork that matters, but the most important thing is to check if the quality is good enough and the stitches won’t come out, or there won’t be any malfunction during the games. In this article, we have described the process of making custom lacrosse uniforms in different steps.

custom lacrosse uniforms

Choosing The Best Fabric

When choosing the fabric for your custom lacrosse uniforms, it is important to consider several factors, including comfort and durability. While some fabric types have higher durability than others, choosing a more budget-friendly fabric is always possible. One of the easiest ways to do this is by wearing reversible uniforms. These can save your team a considerable amount of money over time. Whether you are ordering a lacrosse uniform for a single team member or a whole team, there are many options available.

When choosing the fabric for your custom lacrosse uniforms, you can choose from natural and synthetic fibers. Polyester is the most common garment and an excellent choice for most players. Conversely, cotton garments are naturally soft and comfortable but require more upkeep than synthetic materials. Cotton garments also tend to shrink and retain moisture for longer periods, making them unsuitable for prolonged play. On the other hand, polyester is a durable and strong synthetic material that resists wrinkling and perspiration.

In addition to cotton, the fabrics used for custom lacrosse uniforms include polyester, PTFE, or mesh. You can go for a blend of materials like cotton and polyester or woven fabric made from 100 percent polyester. You can also choose a polyester-nylon blend for shoulder sleeves and side inserts in lacrosse uniforms. If you are looking for uniforms for the team, let’s suppose you are looking for unc women’s lacrosse uniforms. We recommend using polyester blends like mesh which have a great sweat-wicking capability.

custom lacrosse uniforms

Cutting Fabric According To The Pattern

Cutting fabric for custom lacrosse uniforms begins with determining the sizes and then cutting patterns. Once the pattern master completes the patterns, the next process is to use those patterns to cut the fabric. The most important thing is to ensure that the patterns are accurate so that the uniforms are comfortable and allow the members to move freely.

Normally, lacrosse uniform suppliers like Duskoh go for Sublimation. They cut the fabric and then send those pieces to the sublimation department. The Sublimation process is discussed in detail in the following paragraphs. Once the fabric returns after the Sublimation, the cutting department starts cutting it as per patterns using scissors. Once they complete the cutting, those bundles of fabric go to the stitching or sewing department.

custom lacrosse uniforms

Use Sublimation To Make Custom Lacrosse Uniforms

Lacrosse is one of the hottest sports. While the game has its roots in ancient Native American tribes, the modern game is high-contact and takes a lot of abuse. As a result, lacrosse uniforms and equipment take a beating on the field. Sublimated lacrosse uniforms are a great option for these players because they are highly durable.

Sublimation is the way to go when choosing the perfect customization option for your team’s uniforms. This process fuses the ink directly onto the fabric, preventing peeling designs and fading. Moreover, the final product is highly durable and looks great. With Sublimation, you can create a unique design on any fabric, making it an excellent choice for sportswear. In addition to being durable and fashionable, sublimated lacrosse uniforms are also extremely affordable.

Firstly, the design team makes the designs and modifies them. Then they use the sublimation process to print the artwork on paper. Then the concerned personnel places the fabric panels on the heat press machine, and the fabric is pre-pressed before they place artwork on it. Then after placing the artwork, the heat press applies the heat, and the ink moves into the fabric, and you have your sublimated lacrosse uniform for girl or boy.

custom lacrosse uniforms

Stitching Defines The Quality Of Lacrosse Uniforms

The next process is of stitching all the pieces together. The sublimated panels go to the cutting department after Sublimation, and they cut them again according to the patterns. Once these panels reach the stitching department, the stitching team starts stitching the uniforms. Whether it is a men’s or women’s lacrosse uniform, the whole process of making lacrosse uniforms is the same.

The panels are placed together in the overlock machines, which join these panels together. The hems are stitched using flatlock machines. Make sure that the suppliers use the best quality threads to hold their place and withstand the daily wear and tear. The stitching team’s job is to ensure that they stitch the seams properly and there are no missing stitches. Once the product is ready, it goes to the quality control team, where they assess the quality of the custom lacrosse uniforms.

custom lacrosse uniforms

Quality Control For Quality Assessment

The next process is to check the quality of the lacrosse uniforms. All the experienced sportswear manufacturers like Duskoh have placed multiple checkpoints where they assess the quality of the lacrosse uniforms, and they have high professional people for this job. They have specialized in this process and check the fabric quality, Sublimation, and all the seams by applying pressure and seeing if there are any missing threads.

This process is crucial, and companies like Duskoh are huge on the quality and ensure that all the products are of premium quality. If they encounter any problem, they tag the problems, and these jerseys and shorts are sent to the stitching departments, where they fix all the mistakes, and then again, those products go through the same quality control process.

custom lacrosse uniforms

Packing and Shipping of Uniforms

The next process is correctly packing the lacrosse uniforms. It is wise to have a good representation of your goods, so manufacturers should also pay attention to packing. Most suppliers use personalized packing, and they have trained personnel who pack the items into the bags so the company can ship them to the customers. They use the same kind of packing for other products like hoodies, sweatshirts, etc.

Shipping custom lacrosse uniforms can take weeks, but experienced suppliers like Duskoh can supply uniforms within two weeks. The last thing you want is for your team to play without their gear! So it would be best to choose the supplier wisely because only good companies will deliver the products on time.


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