custom wrestling singlets


Trying to figure out how to make custom wrestling singlets? There are a few steps involved in making the wrestling singlets; for example, Sublimation, Fabrics, Styles, and Size charts are just some of the options you have available, and step by step, you use these options to make a custom wrestling singlet. If you’re not sure what to choose, don’t worry. We have listed some of our favorites below! You’ll be glad you did once you try them on.

custom wrestling singlets

custom wrestling singlets


Fabrics for wrestling singlets typically are spandex or Lycra blends and Lycra/ Polyester blends. Wrestling singlets have four-way stretch to help the wrestler keep a comfortable fit and prevent the dreaded “grinning” effect. Most wrestlers wear shorts or compression shorts underneath, not boxers, because the pants are too loose. Here are some tips for choosing the right fabric for your singlet.

Wrestling singlets should be made of stretchy, flexible fabric and the perfect combination of these two. A singlet should be comfortable on the skin while remaining breathable. Polyester-based singlet fabrics should be 80% nylon and 20% spandex. These fabrics offer better stretch and recovery than 100% polyester singlet fabrics. And if you’re looking for a high-quality wrestling singlet, look for one made with a blend of nylon and spandex.

Wrestling singlets must have stretch, so the fabric should be comfortable against the skin. The fabric should also be a four-way stretch, so it will never be see-through. You should choose a traditional design so that it comes closer to the neck and does not rise so high underneath the armpits. This cut is often the most popular type, designed to offer a higher level of coverage for female wrestlers. 

When choosing fabric for a singlet, look for one that features flat-lock stitching. This stitching allows the singlet to stretch without chaffing the wrestler’s skin. Also, you should not choose a clothes dryer to dry custom wrestling singlets, as the heat from the machine can cause shrinking and set stains and fade colors. You can also choose sublimated singlets made of a silicone elastic band at the bottom of the leg.

custom wrestling singlets


Wrestling singlets can have different cuts depending on the style of wrestling. The cut of wrestling singlets may also vary depending on the child’s preference and body size. For best results, consult a wrestling coach to get recommendations about the singlet cut. Singlets should fit snugly, but they should also be free from rashes or excessive skin irritation. Styles of wrestling singlets include high-cut and low-cut.

There are three common cuts for wrestling singlets: high and low. The high cut covers most of the body, while the low cut only covers the side underarms. Generally, only Olympic and World Championship competitions allow athletes to compete in low-cut singlets. In addition, wrestling singlets are not as common as they once were. In most competitive wrestling events, the singlets are not as tight as a tank top or bra.

Wrestling singlets are one-piece outfits made of a Polyester/Lycra blend. They come in different styles and colors. Many wrestlers wear protective cups for added protection. The type of cut you go for also has a lot of effect on the body’s movement, so you should choose wisely. Wrestling singlets manufacturing companies like Duskoh can also help you make the coolest wrestling singlets for your brand, and they will also guide you about the kind of cut you should go for.

custom wrestling singlets

Size Chart

A wrestler’s weight determines the size of the wrestling singlets. However, if your wrestler is growing rapidly, you may want to consider buying one size larger. You can find a size chart for wrestling singlets here. To ensure proper fit, you should order one size larger than you are currently wearing. You should also order a size up if you are an adult extra small. A size chart can also help you choose the right fit for your wrestler.

Before choosing the size, you should look at the chart and do measurements of your body so that you don’t waste your time and money buying wrestling singlets that are not your size. Though there are also mesh wrestling singlet, most companies make wrestling singlets in Lycra, which provides a 4-way stretch, but still, you should be considerate of the sizing.

custom wrestling singlets


It would be best if you designed wrestling singlets with flexibility in mind. The fabric is typically breathable, stretchable, and polyester or superfine Lycra. You should choose fabrics like Lycra and Polyester, which go well with the sublimation, and sublimation allows you to design your singlets in various ways. Even if you want a reversible wrestling singlet, you can use sublimation to make reversible wrestling singlets for your team. The sublimation process is a superior method of applying color and logos to singlets because it dyes them directly into the fabric.

Sublimation is a great option if you want to make a custom singlet for your wrestler. Sublimated singlets are more durable than silk screen printing and fit better than a standard singlet. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a solid color or go with a striped design. Striped Sublimated Wrestling Singlets are best for individual use, featuring stripes running down the side. They may extend to the shoulder straps, which do not affect the chest and back. While printed Sublimated Wrestling Singlets rarely meet competition requirements, they can be a great training garment.

If you’re looking for a wrestling singlet that’s both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, sublimation is the way to go. Sublimated singlets are extremely comfortable, and you’ll be thrilled with the final product! They are also very breathable and won’t restrict movement, making them ideal for use in wrestling competitions. Whether you want to make a singlet for your personal use or kids wrestling singlet, you’ll find it at your fingertips.

You should choose high-quality fabrics that are breathable to do sublimation. You can choose a solid color, stripe, print, or even reversible. Choose a fabric with high breathability to keep you cool during a match. Also, ensure your wrestling singlets are stretchable to ensure the best fit for your wrestler. It will keep them comfortable throughout the match.


custom wrestling singlets


When shopping for wrestling singlets, pay attention to your team colors and size. The international wrestling federation requires blue singlets for Freestyle wrestlers and red for Greco-Roman wrestlers. If you’re unsure; you can order reversible singlets, which are less expensive than purchasing two separate singlets. These singlets are also made of Lycra, making them breathable and lightweight. You can even order wrestling singlets for women!

Most singlets have sizes according to weight. You’ll find that different sizes accommodate the smallest youth wrestlers up to the biggest heavyweights. The vendor should provide a weight chart for the singlet to determine your size. This size chart will help you determine your size needs and will also help you to predict how it will fit on wrestlers with average body sizes. However, wrestlers with abnormal physiques may need to order a size larger than they usually do.

Companies use various materials to make custom wrestling singlets. While domestic production takes longer, overseas production is faster. When shopping for wrestling singlets, you’ll need to select one that will last for a long time. Sublimated singlets will prevent cracks and peels from forming, ensuring maximum durability. The cut of your singlet also plays a part in your appearance. 


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