Everyone loves wearing hoodies, whether men, women, or kids, and the reason behind such popularity is the comfort they bring. A drippy hoodies manufacturer makes hoodies for various brands, and designing hoodies is the brand’s job. Then the hoodies supplier will customize hoodies as per the liking of the brand. When it comes to making custom hoodies, there are many customizations available, and it’s your job to go for the best customizing option for your hoodies.

This article is perfect for you if you are new in the clothing business and want to customize hoodies. Here we explain and give various tips to help you make the best custom hoodies for your brand. You can keep these tips in mind when sourcing hoodies for your brand. Read this article carefully for deep insight into making custom drippy hoodies.

Find An Authentic And A Reputable Supplier

The process of sourcing custom hoodies is very crucial. It would be best if you always looked for a drippy hoodies manufacturer with great credibility who will help you elevate your brand. You can use various platforms to search for suppliers and remember these points before you find a supplier.

  • Go for a supplier with many satisfied customers, and for this purpose, check the reviews on their website and their socials.
  • Use Google, Alibaba, or Foursouce to find the drippy hoodies manufacturer for your hoodies.
  • Always go for a supplier that offers all of the customization options.
  • Find a hoodie supplier that has its factory.
  • Find a supplier that offers low MOQs.
  • Find a supplier that offers a short lead time.
  • Find a supplier that has a good website and has provided all the necessary information regarding the hoodies.


All these tips will help find the best supplier of hoodies.

Choose A Customizing Technique That Suits Your Hoodies

Choosing the correct customization technique is also something you should consider before making custom hoodies for your brand. There are a lot of available customization techniques, and as stated above, go for a supplier that offers the most customization options. Here we have written the customization techniques that you can use, and we also have the circumstances where you should use a specific customization technique.

  • Embroidery: 

    If you want a logo on the left side, go for embroidery. The best part about embroidery is that it is long-lasting, you can use upto 20 colors, and you don’t have to pay extra if you go for more colors. If you have embroidery on the front chest, go for medium-sized embroidery, but if the artwork is giant, choose screen printing.

  • Screen Printing: 

    If you want multi-colored designs on the front, chest, back, or arms, go for screen printing. Screen printing is lighter than embroidery, so that you can go for larger designs, but it has limitations, and you can not create fading designs using this technique. The price will also increase with the increase in the number of colors.

  • DTG: 

    DTG is a technique that was introduced not so long ago, but you can only use this technique on cotton hoodies. A drippy hoodies manufacturer may use polyester blends, but the result will not be good. DTG is expensive, but if you want fading designs for small consignments, you should use this technique.

  • DTF: 

    DTF is another technique; unlike DTG, you can use this on polyester fabrics. You can use this technique for small quantities, and you can also do fading designs using this technique.

  • Applique Embroidery: 

    Use this technique when making the team’s hoodies. Using this technique, you can write numbers and letters, giving an elegant and luxurious look. Use it for your school, university, and team hoodies if you want names or numbers on your hoodies.

  • Sublimation: 

    Sublimation is a technique you should use when you want many colors on the hoodies. A drippy hoodies manufacturer loves using this technique because it gives high quality, and you don’t have to worry about fading or bleeding of the colors. The colors are long-lasting, and you can create beautiful designs using this technique. You can use sublimation to create unique designs on t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, tracksuits, etc.


You can also use heat transfer stickers, but we don’t recommend using heat transfer vinyl because its life is not very long when you use them on the hoodies. It’s in your best interest to consult a drippy hoodies manufacturer before you choose the customizing option for your hoodies.

Request Samples Before You Confirm An Order

When making hoodies for your brand, you spend your hard-earned money on them, and you don’t want disappointment. You must ask a drippy hoodies manufacturer for samples before you order the hoodies. Once you receive the hoodies, there are multiple ways of checking the quality.

Check for uniformity in the customization, and never forget to do the washing test. Use mildly hot water and wash hoodies in that water and then analyze before and after. Look for cracks and fading of the fabric as well as the customization. You want printing that can last for years and does not fade after several washes.


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