The quality of women custom hoodies should speak for itself, and no matter what kind of business you are into, the quality of your products will determine the fate of your company. Revolutionary industrialists like Steve Jobs always talked about the quality of the products. In one of the interviews, Steve Jobs talked about an era when Japanese products were the best in the world, and even to date, it is true.

He said that the Japanese never used the word quality in their marketing campaigns because they knew that customers are not stupid. The perception of people regarding a product is based on experience with the product rather than the marketing campaigns. When it comes to hoodies, it is necessary that if you are building a brand, you should always keep the quality of the hoodies the priority.

No matter how much you speak about the quality of women custom hoodies in your marketing campaigns when people use products, they will know the quality of hoodies. Their decision to buy products from you will depend on your product’s quality. In this article, we will discuss several factors that determine a hoodie’s construction and overall build. You should give it a read if you want to create one of the best hoodie brands in the world.

Make Sure That Your Sizing Is Accurate 

If you are new in the clothing business, you will know sooner or later that the sizing of women custom hoodies plays a lot of role in the quality of a product. No matter how good your fabric or stitching is, if the sizing of the hoodies is not proper and people are feeling it difficult to fit in the hoodies, they won’t buy hoodies from you. In this case, you should have a good hoodies supplier like Duskoh, who has vast experience and they already have size charts according to regions.

No matter how experienced your hoodies manufacturer is, always ask for a sample and then match those samples with the hoodies from a local brand. This way, you can save yourself time and money. Another way of doing this is probably the best way: you should give your supplier a sample of the hoodies and then tell them to make the sizes accordingly. This way, you don’t have to go back and forth with the sampling to resolve issues.

Check The Position Of All Of The Seams 

It is essential to check the positions of the seams of the women custom hoodies. You should examine the shoulder and the side seams in particular and make sure that the seams are in the right place when you wear them. Always check the position of the seams while wearing the hoodies and check if the shoulder seams are not deviating from their position and are not moving forward or backward.

It affects the appearance of the hoodies. If the seams are not in the right place, you will observe derangement in the hoodies, which look very odd. On the other hand, if the seams are not in the right place, the customer will not feel it easy to wear them because they will pull in some direction, making them uncomfortable.

Check All The Seams For Skipped Or Missed Stitches

It is also a critical factor that you should consider when buying women custom hoodies. If the hoodies supplier’s stitching team is not good, you will observe these mistakes. It will have two effects on the hoodies; first, they will look terrible when a client sees them, and second, it will compromise the quality. The client’s perception is based on what they see and observe through their senses, and it is a no-brainer that missing threads will bring a wrong perception of your brand in their mind.

If threads are skipped or missing, it will also compromise the quality because the stitches in that place are not strong enough, and they might break during washing. If they break, that is just a start, and eventually, the threads will start coming out, conveying an awful image of your brand. You should also use this process for other products like t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Check For Puckering And Waving

These things also have a lot of effect on the quality of the hoodies because they will dismantle the look of your hoodies and look very bad. It will happen around the hem and wrist area, where the fleece will join with the rib. A good hoodie supplier will cut the fabric and rib accordingly and use proper overlock and flatlock stitches to ensure no waving. Even after getting the hoodies ready, the supplier will press those areas properly to rule out any problems in that region.

The puckering is when a stitcher provides excessive tension on the seams, and then seams tend to move inwards. It looks horrible in the seam area, and you can see wrinkles in that region. It also affects the quality of the hoodies because, with excessive use and daily wear and tears, these stitches will start breaking, ultimately leading to a disaster and bad reviews. It also looks horrible, and no customer will buy a hoodie with such an appearance.

Make Sure That All The Seams Are Stitched Properly From Inside

You need to turn the hoodies and observe all the seams properly before placing the order with a hoodies supplier. The quality of stitches from the inside speaks a lot about the supplier’s ability. You can judge the supplier from the seams if the supplier is not competent. It would help if you made sure that all the seams were moving in the right direction and covering all of the areas adequately, or there are areas where seams have less or more fabric.

The seams play a significant role in determining the quality of a hoodie, so make sure that you work with only the best supplier of hoodies. Check the seams are properly overlocked from the inside because most of the hoodies are made using an overlock machine. Also, check the stitches made using a flatlock in the proper place, that the stitches are not going here and there, and that the space between the two seams is equal.


You should always keep these points in mind before buying hoodies for your brand.


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