Hoodies are a wonder in the textile and clothing industry. Hoodies are a piece of clothing that is comfortable, easy to wear, and loved by people of all ages. There are a lot of designs in the hoodies, and custom blanket hoodies are one of these designs. These hoodies were introduced recently and became very popular among people of all ages. The best part is that people use these hoodies at home when they want to relax while feeling comfortable and warm in the winters.

People love customizing and decorating hoodies for themselves. Customization has become very popular, and people love bringing their ideas into reality. There are many options when decorating blanket hoodies, and you can choose the one that is best for you. You can choose between embroidery, screen printing, applique, DTG, DTF, etc. But we recommend going for embroidery, screen printing, or applique for the blanket hoodies.

This article will discuss the best decorating options for custom blanket hoodies.

Embroidery on the Blanket Hoodies

Using embroidery to decorate custom blanket hoodies for your brand or yourself is a fantastic idea. For several reasons, embroidery is considered one the best option for customizing blanket hoodies. First, they have the most extended life among the other options. Secondly, you are not restricted to one and can go upto 10 colors. Another reason is that most blanket hoodies are made from polar fleece and Sherpa fleece which has a velvety surface, and decorating it with other options like screen printing, DTF, and DTG is impossible.

To decorate these hoodies, embroidery is considered the best option because it is compatible with fabrics like polar fleece and Sherpa fleece. Always use good quality machines for the embroidery, and if you have to choose a supplier, go for an experienced one with up-to-date machinery. Ensure that the supplier has cut all the extra threads and there are no missing threads or missing stitches in the blanket hoodies.

Screen Printing on the Blanket Hoodies

Screen printing is another option for decorating blanket hoodies, but you can only use this printing if you use fleece or French terry. This customization type is incompatible with the Sherpa fleece and polar fleece. When you decide to decorate your blanket hoodies, the first step is to decide the kind of design you want. Once you decide to design them, you can make screens and go for the printing process.

When you choose to decorate custom blanket hoodies, make sure that you choose an excellent company that uses high-quality dyes for screen printing that are also eco-friendly. The colors do not fade or crack after washing or excess usage. You can use screen printing to out any designs on your blanket hoodies. This type of customization is trendy when it comes to customizing t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc.

Applique on the Blanket Hoodies

When customizing the custom blanket hoodies, applique is another option. Nowadays, using laser cutters, you can cut the designs very precisely. Then you can use embroidery to put those designs on the Twill, and then you can put the whole piece on the blanket hoodies. The other way of doing this is to cut the designs using the laser cutters and then put those pieces directly onto the blanket hoodies.

You can use applique onto polar fleece and Sherpa fleece as well. The numbers or designs will look amazing on the blanket hoodies if done using applique embroidery. Applique is very durable and trendy in the sportswear industry, and teams love using it to decorate their team jerseys and shorts. You can also paste these patches using heat transfer, which is not applicable in Sherpa fleece and polar fleece.

DTG and DTF on the Blanket Hoodies

Both options are only compatible if you make blanket hoodies in fleece or French terry. These are compatible on flat surfaces only. Fabrics like Sherpa fleece and polar fleece are not compatible using it because they have raisins, and you cannot do DTG or DTG on the kind of fabrics. You cannot do these customizations on a large scale because you require machines, and there is also a limitation.

DTG is only compatible with cotton products, so make sure the fleece or French terry are 100% cotton, while DTF is also compatible with other fabrics. Using both methods, you can use as many colors as you want. The quality of these customizations is also very high, and they have been introduced recently, and these are very popular among the t-shirt makers.


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