When you embark on a journey of starting hoodies or a clothing brand, one of the first and most crucial decisions is deciding the best women’s and men’s hoodies manufacturer for your brand. The reason that makes finding a hoodies manufacturer very crucial is that a good supplier can help you build a great brand. In contrast, wrong hoodies or clothing suppliers will give you lousy quality, resulting in losing your money.

When starting your brand, the first decision is whether to go for a local or an overseas supplier. The best option is to go for an overseas supplier because if the supplier is experienced, he might have worked with one of the best brands, and even you can learn from their experiences. In this article, we will discuss the whole process of finding the best men’s hoodies manufacturer for your brand, and the whole process starts with finding some suppliers and then evaluating which one is best for you.

Short List Some Suppliers From The Internet

The first step to take when finding a men’s hoodies manufacturer for your brand is to go on the internet. Then open google type hoodies supplier, manufacturer, or anything specific that you want to go for. Then check all the first ten websites, evaluate their content, and see if they are actively posting blogs. Go on their social media pages and check for the posts and blogs.

You can also go on other platforms like Alibaba, search for hoodies, see the suppliers on the first page, and then check their pages, websites, and socials. Once you have checked all of these things, it is on you, and you should finalize almost 5 of them. The next step is to check for various things and decide which supplier you should work for.

Always talk to multiple suppliers, send them your designs and queries, ask them for a quotation, and see what kind of service they provide. Are they quick in responding to you, and how are they responding to you? Are they guiding you about the hoodies and designs?

The following tips can help you choose the best men’s hoodies manufacturer.

Choose A Supplier Who Has Good Reviews And A Large Manufacturing Facility

Reviews come in handy when deciding on a brand or a company because you can learn about the kind of experience people have with a specific company. Check your shortlist and check the reviews of all of those companies and see which company has got the best reviews. Go for a men’s hoodies manufacturer that also makes other items like t-shirts, sweatshirts, joggers, etc., because if you want to expand in the future, you don’t have to find another supplier.

Always go for an experienced men’s hoodies manufacturer with a large manufacturing facility and can also cater to large amounts of orders. You can check their services and ask them for the lead time. The lead time usually depends on the number of pieces, but it can give many ideas regarding how long a supplier will take to give you your hoodies.

Choose A Supplier That Provides Various Customizing Options

Thousands of brands are making hoodies, and the decorating or customizing of hoodies will make your hoodies stand out from your competitors. You can do a lot of decorations; for example, you can use embroidery for front chest logos, screen printing for artwork on the front, back, or arms, and DTG or DTF for small pieces, etc.

Check for the customizing options the supplier is providing and go for a supplier that provides the most options. You might not need all of them at once, but once you start growing, you will want to try new things, and you don’t want to change your hoodie supplier whenever you want to do something new.

Choose A Supplier That Asks For No Moqs And Provides Short Lead Time

When starting a brand, you should add as many SKUs as you want instead of fulfilling the MOQs for one SKU. It is why you should go for a men’s hoodies manufacturer that does not ask for MOQs, and even if you want one piece, the supplier happily provides that one piece.

Another thing to remember is to go for a men’s hoodies manufacturer that offers a short lead time. You don’t want to place an order and wait months for your delivery. You should always ask for the lead time and go for the supplier that provides the short lead time for the hoodies.

Choose A Supplier That Provides High-Quality Hoodies

Quality matters a lot because the customers will know the kind of your hoodies once they wear them. And they say in business, it does not matter to sell a product to clients; what matters is that clients come again to buy from your brand and becomes an ambassador of your brand. You can achieve this by going for a supplier like Duskoh, which beliefs in delivering premium quality products to its customers.


If you are searching for a women’s or men’s hoodies manufacturer, you should contact Duskoh. They make high-quality hoodies for the various brand at competitive prices. Whether you want a goat hoodie, a Godzilla hoodie, a Goku hoodie, a goth hoodie, or a graffiti hoodie, they can make all kinds of hoodies fully customized as per your liking.

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