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Custom tie dye hoodies have become so popular in recent years that you might have seen a quarter of people on the streets wearing tie dye hoodies. Even celebrities started wearing tie-dye hoodies and styling them with various pants and skirts. Since making custom tie dye hoodies at home is also very creative and fun, many people love doing this with their children in their free time.

This article will explain the process of making custom tie dye hoodies in straightforward and small steps. We have tried to keep it simple and easy for you to follow these steps and make custom tie dye hoodies as per your liking. You can create various designs and patterns while making these hoodies. The best part is that no matter how wrong things are, it will be a unique tie dye hoodie that only you have.




  • Plain White Hoodie
  • Tie Dye Colors
  • Rubber Brands
  • Gloves
  • An empty water bottle or a squeezer
  • A push pin


  • It would be best if you always bought cotton hoodies.
  • You can buy a tie dye kit, and it will have all the equipment you need, so all you need other than that would be dyes.
  • Always wear gloves so that the dye does not get on your hand.
  • Do all this in a washroom sink, so you don’t have to worry about staining anything.



1. Arrange All The Equipment And Your Workplace

The first thing to do is have all the stuff we have mentioned above and then get ready for a workplace where you will be doing everything. We prefer using the washroom’s sink instead of it on a table because it will stain, so it’s better to do the whole activity in the washroom. The things that you need to arrange are mentioned above.


2. Wash The Hoodie And Mix The Dye With Water In The A Squeezer

The next step is to take the hoodie, put it in the washing machine, and let it wash there in the water for some time. It will clean all the unnecessary things from the hoodie. Once you are done washing, dry the hoodie, and once it is dry, you can move to the next step.


3. Tie The Hoodie With The Rubber Bands

The next thing to do is to tie the hoodies with the rubber brands. Place the front of the hoodie on the table, take a fist of fabric in your hand, and tie it with the rubber band. Start doing it from one arm, then move to the chest area, and then do the other arm. Once this side is complete, the next step is to turn the hoodie and do the whole process from the back and tie the knots on the whole back of the hoodie.


4. Soak The Hoodie With The Water

It is good to soak the hoodies in the water properly. Take your hoodie, put it in the sink, let the water run over the whole hoodie, and let the hoodie soak entirely in the water.


5. Wear The Gloves And Dye The Hoodie With The Squeezer

Now it’s time for the real thing. Take the hoodie, and either you can place it in the sink, or you can place it in the Jacuzzi if you have one in your washroom. Lie down the front side of the hoodie and start squeezing the dye on the hoodie. Don’t leave even a white spot; cover the hoodie’s front side with the dye. Then turn the hoodie and do the same process on the whole back side of the hoodie. You only need to remember not to leave even a single spot white.


6. Leave The Hoodie For Almost One And Half Hour

Now you need to leave the hoodie in the sink or the Jacuzzi for almost one and half hours so that the dye can easily absorb in the hoodie entirely. Don’t hurry and take your hoodie for washing or something before this time.


7. Take Out All The Rubber Bands And Rinse The Hoodie In The Water To Take Out All The Extra Dye

Now place the hoodie in the sink and remove all the rubber brands. It takes some time, but it is worth it. Once you have taken all the rubber bands out, now is the time to rinse the hoodie under water. Let the water run over the hoodie and soak the hoodie and then squeeze the hoodie. The idea is to eliminate all of the extra dye from the hoodies so that when you put them in the machine for washing, the colours don’t mix, and the effect we want will minimize.


8. Put The Hoodie In Washing Machine, Wash It And Then Dry It

The final step of making custom tie dye hoodies is to put the hoodie in the washing machine and cold wash the hoodie for some time. It will get rid of all of the little extra dye that is left inside the hoodie. Once the wash is complete, you can take the hoodie and put it in the dryer and once it is dry, leave it for some time so that you can get rid of the extra humidity and then when it’s thoroughly dried, you can wear the hoodie and enjoy.



You can see the smile and joy on people’s faces when making custom tie dye hoodies for themselves, making these hoodies so special. The ability to create something unique while having fun that you are creating for yourself is unique to you, and only you have this design in the world is what makes it so unique. People love having fun making custom tie-dyed hoodies for themselves, and it is also a reason that these hoodies have become so popular among

the people.



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