If you are thinking about starting a brand around hoodies, you should know everything about hoodies. Once a man said if you want a start a hoodies business, you should even know how to sew them. If you are looking for a ladies zip up hoodies manufacturer, and you don’t even know how hoodies are made or what kind of customizations you should do, it will be challenging to communicate with them.

Many ladies zip up hoodies manufacturer like Duskoh help their clients through the process. Still, there are a lot of hoodie manufacturers out there who are there to deceive and manipulate their clients. Having a deep knowledge of hoodies helps you save money by not falling into the trap and asking the right questions to your hoodie suppliers.

In this article, we will light on some of the things you should be aware of, and this knowledge will help you find a good ladies zip up hoodies manufacturer for your brand. Following are these key points, and read this article thoroughly because it will help you immensely.

What Kind Of Fabric Should You Use In The Hoodies?

The fabric is the most important thing when you make a hoodie. The first thing that people will see and feel is the fabric of the hoodies, so you should need to know what kind of fabric is best for the hoodies. Usually, fleece and French terry are used in making hoodies. Still, with the rise in the activewear industry, other fabrics like polyester and spandex blends have also become very popular.

The first thing is to decide about the purpose of the hoodies. If you are making a fashion brand, then going for fleece or French terry would be the best option because these fabrics are comfortable and cozy, and most brands use this fabric in their hoodies. If you have an activewear brand, you should go for polyester and spandex blends because these fabrics have the excellent sweat-wicking capability.

Role Of GSM And Dyes Used In The Fabric

What is GSM? Well, GSM refers to grams per square meter; in other words, it tells about the weight of the fabric. It would be best if you thought about the demography of your clients and also about the seasonality. You should go for higher GSM if you are making hoodies for colder regions, and if you are making hoodies for hot regions, you should go for lighter GSM. The higher GSM is more compatible with the customizations like embroidery because it has a lot of weight, and if you go for a lighter GSM, the garments will fall from the embroidery area.

The dyes your suppliers use should be suitable because you need to ensure that fabric won’t bleed or fade after constant washing; for this purpose, always ask your supplier to use reactive dyed fabric. It will ensure that the fabric will not fade with constant use and washing. Also, ask your supplier to use eco-friendly dyes because you don’t want to use dyes that are causing harm to the planet.

Whether you are going for fleece or other polyester blends, consider both of these points to ensure a good quality end product.

Go For Sampling And Check The Stitching Quality

Always go for Sampling, but you place an order with a supplier. It is necessary because you should check the fabric and stitching quality before placing an order. The stitching quality matters a lot because you don’t want to sell hoodies that are loose from somewhere or have missing threads or loose threads. You should always go for a high-quality product because your product will reflect the image of your brand, and a client will only place an order again if the quality is high.

When checking the quality of the hoodies, first look from the outside, look for any uncut threads, skipped stitches, or loose threads. Then check all of these things from the inside. Check all the seams that they are firm and not loose, and also make sure when you expand the seam, you can not see through it. All these things will help you evaluate the quality of the hoodies.

Check The Quality Of Customization

Every brand puts its branding on its hoodies, and you have to ensure that the customization quality is good. Whether you are going for embroidery, screen printing or DTG, etc., make sure that the quality is high. First, check the feel of the customization; it should be smooth and not crude. In the case of embroidery, check if the supplier has used more stitches and if there are no loose threads.

You should also wash the hoodies and check if something goes wrong with the customization. It is an excellent way of determining the quality. You can check this by washing the hoodies in mildly hot water; it will help you determine the quality of customization and the fabric. You don’t want to sell hoodies that have poor quality.

Use High-Quality Labels And Packaging

It would be best if you considered using high-quality woven labels on the back of the neck. It would be best if you went for woven neck tags instead of heat transfer vinyl labels for the hoodies. Whether making fashion or activewear hoodies, always go for premium quality labels. The label on the back of the neck has your name and logo on it, and it will reflect your brand’s image, so it is always wise to use premium quality labels.

Your packaging also speaks a lot about your brand, so make sure you use eco-friendly packaging instead of plastic packaging. It might increase the cost, but it will not be a very significant difference, and people nowadays go for brands that are helping this world become a better world. You should go for good designs on your packaging, and your branding should reflect the actual image of your brand.


Consider all of the above before you buy hoodies for your brand or start a hoodies brand.


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