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Whenever you buy a pair of pants, you want to be sure that the fitting is right and the pants are not loose or tight. In this article, we discuss how a pants manufacturer measures the waist for the pants so that whenever you think that your waist has increased or when you don’t want to take your pants with you for shopping and want to know how to measure the waist at home.

Waist is a very crucial part of a pant because it does not matter how good a pair of pants look if you can’t fit them around your waist. Now when measuring waist, there are two things that you do,

  • Your waist is the same, and you want to measure it from an old pants.
  • You think that the waist has increased and you want to measure waist from your body.

Well, in this article, we will discuss both of the ways so that it can be helpful for you and you can measure your waist accurately without any problem.

pants manufacturer

Measuring Waist From An Old Pair Of Pants

When it comes to measuring waist from old pants, it is a very easy process, and you only need two things for this purpose,

When you have both of these items, the next part is very easy. The best part about measuring waist from old pants is that there is no room for error, and you don’t have to worry about the placement of the measuring tape because if you are measuring waist from your body, then multiple factors come into play.

We will explain the whole process in points for your ease.

pants manufacturer

  1. First, wear a pair of pants and make sure that the fitting of the pants around the waist is accurate.
  2. Next step is to tie the button of the pants.
  3. Then, you will take the measuring tape and place it on the waist and make sure that you place the measuring tape at the center of the waist. 
  4. Start measuring it from the waist and go around the whole waist till you reach where you started and see the reading.
  5. Another way is to place the pants horizontally on a table and measure the length from waist from left to right from front size and multiply it by two.
  6. Always remember to measure the waist from the outside, not from the inside.

pants manufacturer

Measuring The Waist From The Body

When it comes to measuring the waist of the pants from a body, it is a bit more difficult than measuring from old pants, but we have made it easy for you so that you can easily measure the waist without worrying. In order to measure the waist from the body, you need only one thing, and that is,

  • Flexible Measuring Tape

Once you have your tape with you, then you can start measuring the waist by following these easy steps.

pants manufacturer

  1. First thing to remember is to keep your belly relaxed and don’t try to squeeze your belly inwards.
  2. The most crucial part is to place the tape in the right area because if you go wrong here, then even an error of one inch will ruin everything.
  3. To determine the best area for placement of tape is to wear old pants comfortably and see where do you normally place your pants.
  4. Otherwise, most people place their pants one inch below the hip bone if you measure it from the sides of the body.
  5. So the best way to do this is the feel the upper edge of your hip bone from the sides and go down an inch which would be one segment of your index finger.
  6. Once you reach there, then put the measuring tape around the waist and make sure you place it accurately on the sides and the front.
  7. Then measure your waist, and you can easily place the tape on the right area by moving it upwards or downwards from the back and front.

Once you have completed these steps, you will have the accurate waist for your pants. It is an easy process, and whether it is activewear trousers or fashion trousers, you can use this process to find out the accurate waist.

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