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To become successful in the apparel business, you need to make your brand stand out in the crowd. If you don’t know how to find a polo shirt manufacturer, read this article! Here, we’ll discuss the different types of polo shirts, the types of fabrics, and the printing options. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can start your search! In addition, you can also choose a manufacturer that offers customization. You can choose Duskoh as your supplier if you want the best polo shirts for your brand. They make premium quality polo shirts, fully customized as per your designs and tech packs.


Choosing A Polo Shirt Manufacturer

When selecting a polo shirt manufacturer, the main factor to consider is the customization option you want to do on the polo shirts. You may wish to choose from direct-to-garment print, embroidery, or screen printing. Each type of decoration will have its characteristics. Consider the type of logo you want to have on the shirt. Some people prefer an oversized logo, while others prefer a small, subtle logo on the chest.

When selecting a polo shirt manufacturer, look for quality hallmarks. These are things that differentiate good-quality shirts from cheaply made ones. A taped shoulder seam, for example, helps the shirt to keep its shape after repeated washings. Other quality hallmarks include a textured fabric and a logo. Those features are important for the durability of your polo shirt, as low-quality shirts will not last long. It is vital to work with professional custom polo shirt manufacturers with lots of work experience in their field.

If you’re looking for durability, consider polyester. This fabric is less comfortable than cotton and can hold on to odours. It’s usually mid to low-priced, so consider your budget before settling for cheaper quality. Choosing a polo shirt manufacturer should be a breeze, especially with available options. Once you’ve chosen a manufacturer, you’ll want to ensure that they offer a warranty that guarantees its products for at least a year.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a polo shirt design. You will want your polo shirt to match your brand’s colour scheme, whether white, black, navy or grey. While white, grey, and dark blue shirts are easy to match, you can go for something more adventurous. White, grey, and dark blue shirts will go with most skin tones. For your first polo shirt, choose a neutral colour, to begin with. You can always add your company logo to add variety to the colour profile.

polo shirt manufacturer

  • Types Of Polo Shirts

There are different types of polo shirts. You should choose lightweight cotton to make a short sleeve, like t-shirts, while you should choose heavier cotton blends if you want long-sleeved polo shirts. Most manufacturers use pique to make the polo shirts, granular cotton fabric with natural stretch. You can wear a polo shirt at a sporting event or casually on a summer day when you feel like going out on a beach, or you can tuck it in your chinos and wear it to your office. Always remember to choose high-quality polo shirt manufacturers that make fine-quality clothing.

Cotton/polyester blends are an increasingly popular choice for polo shirts. Compared to cotton, these shirts are more durable and stain-resistant. Cotton blends often feature performance properties, such as anti-shrink, fade, and pill resistance. The downside to these shirts is that they tend to be pricey, so those on a budget should opt for a cotton shirt with performance features.

Another option is to consider the fit. While many brands offer different fits, these aren’t necessarily a complete guide. Compare the fit of the shirt you’re considering with other shirts of the same brand. The classic fit is a classic choice, with lower armholes and sleeves closer to the elbow. A classic fit is also a good option for hiding love handles since it allows you to tuck the shirt in.

Cotton polo shirts are a great choice for summertime wear. They have the benefit of breathability and moisture-wicking and are very comfortable. However, cotton isn’t the best choice for polo shirts. Cotton-poly blends work best, but you should remember that some brands use synthetic fibres or polyester. In addition to cotton, linen is a great choice for knitwear.

  • Choosing The Right Fabric

The fabrics used by top-quality polo shirts manufacturers are usually either singled yarn, mercerized cotton or silk cotton. The former is more comfortable and durable than pure cotton. However, it is less breathable than pure cotton and tends to cause a higher degree of sweating. In addition, mercerized cotton is a bit more expensive than single yarn; we recommend buying a high-quality polo shirt made from pure cotton.

Polyester polo shirts are a good choice for hot and humid environments because they don’t wrinkle or shrink. They are also very popular in the sportswear and activewear industry because of their sweat-wicking ability and lightweight. However, they can be uncomfortable and retain odours better than cotton. For all-day wear, a flat or shirt-style collar is preferred. Avoid those with ribbed collars as they tend to curl up with wear. The last thing you want is a polo shirt that doesn’t fit right or is too big for you.

While woven fabrics are the most common material for polo shirts, the quality of these textiles can compromise the quality of polos. Polyester is not a biodegradable fabric because it is a synthetic fabric. The quality won’t change much if a manufacturer uses recycled polyester. Therefore, looking for a polo shirt made of organic cotton is better.

You can use different materials to make a polo shirt, including cotton and polyester. You can also use nylon or other synthetic material to make polo shirts for your brand. Many are also made from cotton, which gives them great durability and comfort. However, if you’re looking for a fast-drying polo shirt, it might be better to choose a cotton polo. There are many benefits to choosing a high-quality polyester polo shirt.

polo shirt manufacturer

polo shirt manufacturer

Customization Options:

Printing on a polo shirt is a great option if you’re looking for a stylish way to promote your brand. However, if you’re concerned about the quality of your image, you have a few things to consider. If you have a logo or message you want to show everyone, embroidery is the way to go. Since brands like Ralph Lauren also use embroidery for their logo on the front left chest.

Another method to customize the polo shirt is screen printing. In this method, Screen printing professionals apply a printing head or screen on the polo shirt, then they apply ink or dyes on the screen, and the dyes move through the screen on the fabric and bond with the fabric. This method can produce sharp, clear, and durable designs. However, it requires a pre-treatment machine that smooths the fabric for better printing. Also, this method is suitable for large-scale printing projects. Aside from that, it is also prone to peel off after a few wash cycles.

If you need a single-colour design, we recommend a screen-print-friendly polo shirt. However, if you need more details, you should choose a non-pique polo shirt. While it’s difficult to capture fine details on a pique shirt, embroidery can help. However, you’ll need to use digital, transfer, or screen-printing techniques for multi-colour designs. Try viewing a free visualisation to find out which technique will suit your logo best. And you also contact men’s polo shirts, wholesale suppliers. They can also show you different designs in the polo shirts.

Besides choosing a colour-accurate design, you should also consider the material of the polo shirt. Among the most popular fabrics for a polo shirt are cotton and polyester. Cotton is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to print on, but it absorbs sweat. Polyester, on the other hand, wicks away moisture and is durable. However, the downside of polyester is that it doesn’t breathe well.

polo shirt manufacturer

polo shirt manufacturer


There are several suppliers of polo shirts available in Pakistan. One of the leading suppliers of polo shirts is Duskoh. They are also one of the wholesale polo shirts manufacturers who have been making bulk quantities of polo shirts for various wholesalers across the globe. It has a production facility spanning more than ten thousand square meters. In addition to providing a vast range of polo shirts, Duskoh offers ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) assistance to consumers. Its products use authentic and comfortable fabrics and premium quality fabrics and accessories to make polo shirts. They can also make bulk quantities if you are a wholesaler.

When searching for suppliers of polo shirts, it is vital to remember that quality matters. If the fabric is not high quality, the shirt will be ill-suited for the occasion. Good printing and fabric quality are crucial in ensuring a quality product. For example, dull colours will not look good on a polo shirt. The best suppliers of polo shirts should also be able to match the buyer’s specifications.



If you need a polo shirt manufacturer, you should choose Duskoh. They are highly professional people and will also guide you throughout the process and provide design services. You can check our website and send us inquiries at info@duskoh.com.


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