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While it may seem like a simple task, inspecting t-shirts is not that simple, and t-shirts manufacturer have a specialized team that ensures every single t-shirt has a high quality. Luckily, there are several ways to ensure that your new purchases will last you for a long time. In this article, we’ll review how to check the quality of t-shirts. Here, we’ll cover Fabric content, fiber content, Fit, and Color. All of these factors are vital for your t-shirt’s longevity.

t-shirts manufacturer


When it comes to the quality of a t-shirt, several factors play a role. The most obvious is the material used for the garment. Generally, companies use cotton to make high-quality t-shirts. However, you can find low-quality ones if you know what to look for. To check the quality of a t-shirt, follow these tips:

A good quality t-shirt will have durable materials and a sturdy design. It will last for years and may not need frequent washing. If it is not, it’s better to avoid it. Besides, a good t-shirt is also comfortable to wear. If you want custom racing t shirts then you should choose cotton if you want to go for DTF or DTG for printing your designs on the t-shirts.

The fabric and yarn count of a t-shirt will determine its look and feel. Higher-quality t-shirts are made of thinner yarn. You’ll typically find a higher yarn count for a higher price. Generally, a higher yarn count means a better feel and fit. But keep in mind that higher-quality t-shirts will be pricier. A good rule of thumb is to opt for a garment with the highest yarn count.

When buying t-shirts, the first thing to look for is the fabric. Different fabrics suit different types of t-shirts. Choose a t-shirt made of breathable fabric. Also, ensure that the cotton used is domestic.

t-shirts manufacturer

Fabric Content

A T-shirt’s fabric content may vary depending on the type of garment. Some T-shirts have a heavier fabric that requires two-by-two rib knits, while others are flat and may not need seaming. It would be best if you used reinforced seams with tape or seam binding at the shoulder and neckline to improve the quality. You can also add decorative elements to a T-shirt, such as heat transfer designs.

Another type of fabric that is becoming popular is tri-blend fabrics, composed of cotton, polyester, or rayon. But when it comes to activewear t-shirts, Polyester blends are mainly used in them. These types of fabrics combine cotton’s softness with polyester’s durability. These blends provide an excellent balance between comfort, style, and durability. For example, a tri-blend t-shirt is made of five percent polyester and fifty percent cotton, providing a comfortable and soft fit for both women and men.

While most t-shirts are made of cotton or polyester, the best choice for your next t-shirt should depend on the climate you live in. Choosing the wrong fabric can result in an uncomfortable fit for you and your customers. Choose a fabric that will last – a softer, breathable cotton will not last as long as a thick, heavy polyester. And don’t forget to consider the financial and environmental costs of wearing a t-shirt. If you need slim fit t shirts bulk, you should probably go for lightweight jersey fabric.

t-shirts manufacturer

Fiber Content

When purchasing t-shirts, consumers often focus on several factors, including their fiber content. One study found that 28 percent of consumers wanted to know the specific fibers used in the fabric. Others focused on washing instructions and quality, comfort, and shrinkage. The following are the three most important factors. Knowing the fiber content of t-shirts is a good way to ensure your purchase is made of quality fabric.

Carbon fiber is another way to tell if your t-shirt is made of quality materials. Carbon fiber is thinner than human hair, but it gets incredibly strong when twisted together. Companies use carbon fiber in the weaving process, and it looks like a single thread but is thousands of tiny carbon filaments twisted together. It gives your t-shirt extra strength and makes it durable. It would be best if you choose a high-quality brand to get the best performance from your t-shirt.

T-shirts are available in many different weights. For instance, a lightweight t-shirt may be more breathable than a heavy-weight one. Lightweight t-shirts are great for hot weather and will last longer than heavier versions. But if you wear your t-shirt a lot, heavier fabrics are ideal. If you plan on wearing your t-shirt to work all day, you may want to look for a t-shirt made from heavier fabric. It would be best if you talked to an experienced supplier like Duskoh about the fiber content before purchasing bulk t-shirts in mixed sizes in various fabrics.

t-shirts manufacturer


How to check the quality of the t-shirt? Check the hems, neck drop, and Lycra ribs. If they are not perfect, the quality of the garment is not good. Poor hems indicate poor manufacturing, and loose threads will indicate loose stitching. Ensure the t-shirt has a good neck drop and Lycra ribs to help it keep the shape. Look for a t-shirt with a good stitch count.

Ask for samples of the product. Most garment manufacturers use premium quality cotton fabrics, which are consistent in color. If the T-shirts manufacturer does not follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, look elsewhere. If you have any doubts about the quality of the T-shirt, take the product to a laboratory for testing. If you are not buying in bulk, getting the garment laboratory tested may not be practical. Therefore, use other methods to check the quality of the garment.

Look for stains. A T-shirt with stains will appear pale once washed. Also, look for uneven knitting. Poor printing can ruin your T-shirt. It will make it look less attractive and affect your other clothing. To check the quality of T-shirts, look for the following signs. The design should be sharp but not too clear. If the design is pixelated or is too small, you’ll have to wash it again. Suppose you want customized t shirts for couples; make sure to talk about the sizing and fitting of the t-shirts because you don’t want to waste money and time.

t-shirts manufacturer


One of the steps in checking the quality of a T-shirt is to examine its fabric’s color. Good quality T-shirts have the proper construction, good textiles, and great printing. While it might seem like a simple inspection, many t-shirts are not made to last very long. Fortunately, there are several ways to identify a t-shirt’s quality and ensure you get what you paid for. To check the color, you can wash it multiple times and see if the fabric is bleeding or fading.

Another way to determine a t-shirt’s quality is by examining its bleeding by putting it into hot water. You should boil water and then put it into a transparent jug. Then you put your t-shirts into it and wait for some time. If the fabric starts bleeding them, it is not of good quality. Most companies say that their fabrics won’t bleed till 60 degrees so ensure that the water temperature is around 60 degrees.

t-shirts manufacturer

Quality Checking Of Customization

Another thing to check about the quality of t-shirts is the quality of the customization. Whether it is screen printing, sublimation, DTG, DTF, or embroidery, you need to ensure that the customization quality is high. Since your brand’s reputation will be on the line, ensure your supplier uses premium quality raw materials to customize your custom v neck t shirts.

As far as screen printing is concerned, make sure that the company uses premium quality dyes that won’t fade or bleed upon washing. You can wash the t-shirts multiple times to check screen printing quality. You can apply the same process with the DTG and DTF.

When it comes to sublimation, the dyes are merged into the fabric. It is unlike screen printing, in which there is a superficial layer o the fabric. When it comes to embroidery, make sure that it is very neat and clean and that there are no extra threads.


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