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Whether it is clothing or other commodities, people and brands love customizing their products to create unique designs. To customize the products, people invented various techniques that you can use to create unique images and artwork on the clothing and other products. This article discusses screen printing, and mainly it will discuss screen printing on clothing, especially hoodies. A blank hoodies manufacturer uses screen printing to create various designs on the hoodies’ front, back, arms, and other products.

We will discuss everything there is to know about screen printing, and after reading this article, you will have proper insight regarding screen printing.



Screen printing is an ancient process of printing artwork on clothing and other products. Screen printing came into existence around 960 AD when some Chinese were finding ways of printing clothing and other materials. The Japanese then adapted the process of screen printing, and then they also started using screen printing to customize various products.

A process that many blank hoodies manufacturer use today for mass production of clothing slowly emerged, innovated, and then adapted by various clothing manufacturers. Western Europeans picked up the screen printing process in the 18th century, but it did not become trendy because you needed silk for screen printing, which was not available in Europe.

But after some time, the trade became more accessible, Europeans started importing silk from Asia, and the process became popular in Europe. After 1900, people started making printers that used certain chemicals to increase the bonding between the materials and prints. Then three people brought revolution, and commercial screen printing was developed then. Since then, many artists and industries have adapted this method to create their unique artwork on various products.



Screen printing (also known as silk screen printing or serigraphy) is a method of printing designs and artwork on various products like clothing, paper, etc. Nowadays, you can see many blank hoodies manufacturer using this technique to create various designs, and artwork on hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, etc. screen printers use a screen and place the fabric on the other side. Then the ink is squeezed through the screen to create designs on the garments.

Screen printing is one of the best and most used methods of printing garments these days because of its vibrant and vivid colors and ability to utilize this process commercially. You can also use screen printing to create various designs on other things like t-shirts, paper, wood, mugs, utensils, etc.



A blank hoodies manufacturer uses the following equipment and materials to screen print on the hoodies or other materials.

  • Silkscreen
  • Ink
  • Squeegee
  • Hinge Clamps
  • Tape




1. Creating The Design For Screen Printing

The first step is to decide the design you want on the hoodies, and once you have finalized the design, you need to take a print of that design through the computer using transparent acetate film. You will use this transparent acetate film to create a screen or a stencil.


2. Preparation Of The Screen

Once you have finalized the design, the next step is to create a screen, and for that purpose, you need to choose mesh count. The higher mesh count allows less ink to pass through it hence used for more delicate printing, while a low mesh count allows more ink to pass through it. Once you have decided on the mesh count, you need to coat the mesh with a light-reactive emulsion layer, and it will get hard if you use bright light on it.


3. Exposing Emulsion To The Bright Light

In the next step, you need to place the acetate sheet on the mesh screen that has gone through the emulsion coating earlier. You should perform this process in bright light so the emulsion will get harder. If you want a design that has multiple colors, remember that you need to develop separate screens for each color.


4. Creating Stencil And Washing The Emulsion

When you expose the screen in the earlier process to the bright light, you should let the screen be exposed to bright light for some time so that the area that does not have the design becomes hard, and then you can easily wash off the emulsion from the rest of the area. Now you will have a clear design imprint, and ink can easily pass through that area.

Now it’s time to let the screen dry in sunlight, and you can give some touch-ups so that if there are any uncertainties, you can resolve them before you start screen printing. The aim is to create a perfect design on the stencil so higher quality and resolution of the print.


5. Prepare The Fabric Or Hoodies For Printing

The next step is to place the hoodies on the printing board and make sure it is on a flat surface. A blank hoodies manufacturer usually prints on the cutting on the fabric before a hoodie is fully prepared. It is wise to print on the cutting because the positioning will be uniform, and even if there is damage, you don’t have to get rid of the entire hoodie.

So place the panel of the sweatshirt or hoodies on the printing table. Position it correctly, then place the screen on the hoodie or sweatshirt. Nowadays, automatic machines are present, but in some areas, they still use manual printing methods to create designs on hoodies.


6. Apply The Ink On The Screen

The next step is to apply the ink on the screen, and either you can manually squeeze the ink using a squeegee through the screen onto the hoodies, or the automatic machine will do it. Now you will have your design on the hoodies. You can use the process several times, it depends on how thick print you want on the hoodies, and if you need a light print, you can use the squeegee one or two times.

Custom hoodies suppliers usually reuse the mesh; for this purpose, they clean the emulsion from the screen using a specific washing fluid.


7. Heating The Hoodies And Checking The Quality

Now it’s time to apply the heat to the design, and it is either done through the automatic heaters or manually using heaters to apply the heat. The heat helps dry the print and makes the smooth design adhere to the hoodies so the printing won’t come off.



Screen printing is one of the most durable printing methods, and this is why many sportswear and clothing suppliers prefer using this method. If the ink is applied accurately and a precise amount of heat for a specific time is applied to the hoodies, the screen printing won’t come off. You can also add different chemicals and adhesives, which help in the strong bonding of the ink to the hoodies.

These chemicals adhere the ink to the hoodies, and the design does not come off quickly. Certain chemicals are added to prevent the designs from cracking under UV light. It is wise to work with an experienced supplier who ensures that the printing quality is high.



  • You can use screen printing on many materials other than clothing like paper, mugs, wood, plastic, etc.
  • If applied correctly, the prints that you create using screen printing can last for years.
  • You can create multiple colored designs using screen printing. You can create a creative and unique design for a low cost using screen printing.
  • You can use this process on a large scale to create unique hoodies and trousers for your brand.
  • You can create small and more significant designs, and there are no limitations as far as the size is concerned.



  • You can not create gradient designs.
  • You need to use a different screen for every color.
  • You can not use this method for small orders because it is costly. You have to make screens for every color and design so the cost will be higher for small orders.



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