How to Check the Quality of Wholesale Slim Fit T Shirts?

Every entrepreneur or business person who thinks about starting a clothing brand should be well aware of these quality parameters mentioned in the coming paragraphs. T-Shirts are undoubtedly one of the most used clothing pieces in a person’s wardrobe. When buying Wholesale Slim Fit T Shirts, people ignore different aspects that speak about its quality. Still, when one thinks about making their brand, they should know the factors that participate in making a premium quality T-Shirt.

Making Wholesale Slim Fit T-Shirts

wholesale slim fit t shirts

Two main things participate in making high-quality wholesale t-shirts,

  1. Fabric quality
  2. Stitching quality

As a wholesale t-shirts bulk supplier, the suppliers must guide their clients throughout the sourcing of T-Shirts. Still, even if they are negligent, these paragraphs will help you understand the factors that contribute to making premium quality T-Shirts. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss how these factors contribute to making high-quality T-Shirts and how to check the fabric and stitching quality of the T-Shirts.

Fabric Quality of Custom T Shirts

The most important contributing factor to the quality of T-Shirts is the quality of the fabric. Different fabrics are used to make T-Shirts, but Single Jersey is the most common fabric used to make T-Shirts. Single Jersey can be made in cotton, polyester, or polyester/cotton blends.

Cotton is a natural fabric that gives a very soft feel and is friendly to human skin. Polyester is a synthetic fiber; it is very durable and lasts longer than cotton. Polyester/Cotton blends are primarily used in the wholesale t shirts used in Workwear.

Wholesale T Shirts

The following points discuss how to check the fabric quality,

  • The first thing to look for in slim fit t shirts is the composition of the fabric. In casual T-Shirts, the best option is cotton. Since cotton is a very soft and user-friendly fabric, most brands use cotton as their first choice for T-Shirts. Cotton is also of different kinds, but you should go for Pima cotton since it is the best cotton in the world.
  • The second thing to observe is the softness of the fabric. The softer the fabric, the better it is. If cotton is used in the T-Shirts, the shirts will be very soft. Some suppliers dodge their clients by doing processes on T-Shirts, which give the fabric a soft feel, but it diminishes after washing.
  • The third thing to look for is the denseness in the fabric. The denser the fabric, the better it is. To check if the fabric is dense, one can check by holding the fabric in the hands and looking through it. If you can see holes, it means it has less thread count, while if you cannot see through it, it means the yarn count is good.
  • The fourth thing to check is the colour or dyeing of the T-Shirts. To check the colour of the T-Shirt, cut a piece of shirt and wash the shirt a couple of times, and then compare the T-Shirt with the piece of fabric that was cut from the same T-Shirt. Another way to check the quality of dyeing is to boil some water to 60 degrees and then rinse the fabric in that water for a minute; if it does not lose colour, the quality is good.
  • The fifth thing to check the fabric quality is to squeeze the fabric in your hand and then leave it after some time. If there are a lot of wrinkles or there are no wrinkles, the quality is terrible. There should be moderate wrinkles in the excellent quality T-Shirts.

One should look for all these points before confirming orders to the suppliers. The fabric quality has a significant impact on the quality of T-Shirts since, ultimately, clients will determine whether they will buy T-Shirts from you again or not, and these points can help you get good quality T-Shirts for your brand.

Stitching Quality of T Shirt Fabrics

Stitching quality plays a vital role in building a T-Shirt because no matter how good the fabric is, if the quality of stitching is not premium, the T-Shirt won’t look good. If you are looking for wholesale custom made t shirts, make sure the stitching is remarkable so that T-Shirt does not lose its form after washing and fits well after it is worn.

Several factors should be looked for when determining the stitching quality of the T-Shirts. To look for stitching quality, look for any deformities in the neck, shoulder, and hem region because these regions can tell you a lot about the build of the T-Shirt.

Custom T Shirts

In the following points, all these factors have been discussed,

  • The first thing to do is look at the overall build of the T-Shirt and see if the T-Shirt is stitched evenly. There should not be any difference between the left or right sides, and the overlook should be good and even. The seams of the left and right sides should match each other.
  • The second thing to look for is any loose or missing threads. To look for loose threads, check all the seams from the outside and inside. There should be uniformity in all the seams, and no loose threads should be present in high-quality T-Shirts.
  • The third thing to look for is wrinkles in the neck, shoulders, and hem seams. If there are wrinkles present in these seams, it means the shirt is not of good quality. This usually happens when the person who is stitching is an amateur or the quality of rib, thread or fabric is not high.
  • The fourth thing to look for is waves around the neck region. Suppose the rib quality used in the neck and stitching is not good, then the fabric around the neck and the rib will be wavy. If you want bulk wholesale t-shirts for your brand, look for this anomaly in the T-Shirts. It also happens after several washes, if the quality of rib used in the neck is not good, then it will start becoming wavy after some washes.
  • The fifth thing to look for is puckering. It means that the fabric around the seams should be smooth instead of gathered, causing wrinkles. Puckering happens when too much tension is applied while stitching. This means the supplier has not considered right amount of tension during the stitching process.

The stitching quality has a significant impact on the build of the T-Shirt. Everyone who wants to start a t-shirt or a clothing brand should be well aware of all these points that will help enhance the quality of the T-Shirts. Some of the wholesale t shirts depot have good quality T-Shirts, while some try to dodge people by selling poor quality T-Shirts. Considering all these points when going for T Shirt buying would be wise.

The Takeaway

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